No. 434March 2016
2016 IRI Board Elections Are Upon Us

Dear IRI Members,

This year's slate of candidates was selected by the Nominating Committee to bring IRI the leadership required to ensure the continuance of excellent governance. That is why we ask each member company to vote. If your company's voting representative is unable to return the ballot by March 11th, another representative of your company may cast your company's vote.

It is important that each company participates in the election! Thank you for participating in this process, which is so important to the future direction of IRI.

Ed Bernstein
IRI President

For a full description of candidates on the ballot, contact Ana Escobar or call 703.647.2591.
Are You Training Your Innovators?
Initial Findings from a Recent Study Indicate Most Companies Do Not Conduct Innovation Training
Tim Michaelis, PhD Candidate
NC State University
Research Associate, CIMS
Two important pieces of information to consider: 1) According to a 2014 BCG survey, innovation is ranked a top 3 concern among business executives. 2) Approximately 70% of these executives rank their organization's innovation capabilities as average. For something that is so important that it is ranked among their top concerns, why are so many executives claiming mediocrity in that same field? More importantly, are they doing anything about it?

Researching these questions, Tim Michaelis, PhD Candidate at NC State Unviersity and Research Associate at the Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), came away with a revealing observation:
  • Innovation training is not taking place at most organizations
Surveying 40 R&D executives and business leaders from several large organizations, Michaelis has observed that most of these executives state that innovation training is beyond their capabilities, usually due to time constraints as well as other factors like organizational structure, culture, and, paradoxically, existing innovation architectures.


Tim Michaelis's research into innovation training at R&D firms is ongoing and he is eager to receive additional input from IRI members regarding this topic. Maybe your organization has a thorough and effective training program and you want to ensure his research does not skew the conversation. Or perhaps your organization also lacks a training program, but has a valid reason for it. Whatever your organization's stance, please take this short survey (it only takes about 20 minutes to complete) and help this worthy research endeavor:

Collaborating with Universities and Federal Labs

Navigating the collaboration landscape between industry, universities, and federal labs can be daunting, especially if one is new to the system. What contract do you need? Who gets ownership of any intellectual property developed? How do you protect your company's trade secrets in an open collaboration? All of this and more causes many R&D managers to shudder at the thought of entering a public-private partnership, despite the massive gains such partnerships tend to yield.

In an effort to make this navigation more transparent and less stressful, Laura Schoppe, Fuentek, LLC, and Richard Chylla, Michigan State University, authored a paper for Research-Technology Management (RTM) on how to collaborate with universities and federal labs. The authors will be hosting a free brown bag webinar Friday, March 4, at noon eastern, to discuss their paper and help walk participants through the public-private collaboration process.

Attendance limited

How to Painlessly Shorten the Contract Lifecycle
Henry Thoman, Esq., Shares Tools for Getting from Concept to Closing
as Quickly and Painlessly as Possible

Negotiating contracts in new business development can be a lengthy, painful process for both sides as details are worked out and concessions get made. But this need not be the case every time. At this year's Spring Networks Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, March 7 - 9, Henry Thoman, Attorney at Law, will be hosting an interactive session on shortening the contract cycle.

In this interactive session you will learn how to turn your business development leads into signed and closed contracts as quickly and as painlessly as possible. You will review and discuss tools for efficiently and effectively managing the contract life cycle and you will participate in mock negotiations related to critical contract provisions. You will also learn about some of the important business issues contained in many standard legal "boilerplate" provisions.

Registration Closes Friday, March 4, at Midnight
For hotel booking, contact Mallory Smith (
IRI Member Companies in the News

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Boston Scientific and Accenture Develop Data-Driven Digital Health Solution for Chronic Cardiovascular Conditions


How IBM is Hoping to Close the Massive Big Data and Analytics Skills Gap

 How Will Innovation Save P&G?

GM Exploring Mobileye Advanced Mapping with OnStar Data

Fuchs Releases Groundbreaking Volvo Oil

DSM Launches New Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines and YolkFan(TM)

EPRI to Lead Research to Maximize Solar and Energy Storage Integration

Solvay and Medacta Complete Unique Study Comparing Carbon Footprint of Single-Use and Reusable Surgical Instruments

Westinghouse Celebrates 130 Years of Energy Innovation

New Look, New Capabilities
If you haven't done so lately, stop by our site and see what's new. Fill out your online profile, search for colleagues who share your interests, and peruse the archives with our new, easy-to-use search functionality.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions regarding the new design!
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Upcoming Events
2016 Annual Meeting
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May 23 - 26

Breakthroughs in science and technology (S&T) continue to happen at a rapid pace, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, the internet of things (IoT), nanomaterials, and advanced robotics, to name just a few. The 2016 IRI Annual Meeting will explore recent S&T trends and discuss case studies of how companies have turned such trends into new growth areas.

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