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Muscle building is NOT a 9-to-5 job!
To generate REAL rock-hard gains, you need to be supporting anabolism and growth 24 hours a day. Especially during the eight-hour fasting period we call "sleep."  
To counteract the muscle catabolism that sets in overnight, you need to supplement with an elite-quality, extended release, slow-absorption micellar casein protein. And not just any micellar casein, either.

BioQuest's Ultimate Casein is processed via an advanced microfiltration technology that yields the most undenatured form with the highest amounts of bioactive peptides and other growth factors. This superior anabolic/anti-catabolic matrix has also been enhanced with added BCAAs for even greater muscle growth support. Finally, the elite grade of casein used in Ultimate Casein results in a luscious taste and texture completely unprecedented in a casein supplement.

Now is a great time to experience the profound difference a high-quality casein supplement can make in your growth and physique. TODAY ONLY, we're offering ProSource VIPs like you an extra 25% savings on this essential bodybuilding tool!

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