Soy protein and whey protein both have their fans. Recent clinical science indicates, however, that the two amino sources have markedly different impacts on hormonal response and protein synthesis rates in trained athletes. ProSource's resident supplement expert, Chad Kerksick, PhD, examines the science and makes the call. Which protein gives you the most anabolic punch? Soy or Whey?
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Introducing the AndroFury Workout Program: A Unique, Short-Duration, Super-Intense Regimen

Are your workouts gradually losing their momentum? Is your gym regimen long on repetition and short on results? Then the Fast and Furious #Workout may be just what you're looking for. Designed specifically to be employed in tandem with BioQuest's one-of-a-kind, testosterone-charged performance maximizer AndroFury, the Fast and Furious Workout is a unique, short-duration, super-intense program intended to jumpstart renewed #muscle growth. Give it a try! 
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How, When, and Why to Take Creatine for Maximum Benefit

ProSource's Ultimate Guide to Creatine: How, When, and Why to Take the Cell-Volumizing, Strength-Maximizing Super Supplement!  Read more >> 


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