New Joint-Support Agents Help Athletes Reinforce Precious Connective Tissue

If you're not providing your all-important ligaments, joints, and cartilage with proper care and feeding, you're risking a calamitous injury that could set your workout regimen back weeks or months. Anna Lepeley, PhD provides a round-up of cutting-edge technologies that are helping athletes build strong, healthy, flexible joints.  Check it out >> 


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The Facts on Cardio-Related Weight Gain, Plus Strategies For Targeting Fat Loss

You're in the gym to build muscle and inspire awe with your physique. And fat-loss is a part of that. But are those 30-minute intervals on the treadmill just making you fat?

We asked some of the foremost experts in the field for their opinions on cardio-related fat gain, and their opinions will surprise you.  Check it out >>    

Breathe New Life Into Your Regimen With These Dead Lift Movements

Summer's over and it's time to get back to the basics of the bodybuilding lifestyle: lifting heavy and training hard. Here's training expert Josh Bryant, MFS, CSCS, on that most old-school of old-school exercises: the dead lift. Check it out >> 


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