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December 03, 2015                                                                           Issue #114
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A Look Back at 2015
As we've just finished our Thanksgiving celebration and turn our attention to the rest of the holidays, we thought it would be a good time to think back over 2015 and reflect on the events over the year, and look at some of the incidents that occurred and possibly affected our industry.
The change in gasoline and diesel prices have been the most impactful to all of us this year.  Gasoline prices are down roughly $.70 per gallon from last November, from $2.78 to $2.09, and here in Virginia we're seeing prices around $1.80 per gallon. Over the same period, diesel has dropped from $3.63 to $2.45Freight rates have been all over the map.  In February and March the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions saw rates spike, partially due to snow storms, before seeing a reversal that we haven't seen in yearin terms of freight vs carrier availability.  We saw rates to the Midwest spike last February and March with carriers quoting rates upwards of $2000 from New Jersey to Chicago.  Since then rates have continued to decline to a range currently near $1000-$1300.  There are now more trucks available compared to loads available, and most days it's certainly in the shippers favor for pricing.  Does this mean the economy is shrinking?  Or have that many new drivers flooded the market that fast to affect pricing this dramatically?  I've heard some people say that retailers are storing more goods in their warehouses than in previous years, so they haven't had to purchase as many products.  That seems like a stretch to me that companies would tie up their cash and hold their inventory longer than they have to.  Whatever the reason, in a matter of months we've seen extreme ebbs and flows and have seen how supply and demand plays into our markets, and ultimately, the bottom line. 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and best wishes for a safe December holiday season, especially if you'll be out on the roads.  Below are some headlines from 2015 to reflect upon and consider. I've included topics that may resonate with you as we get ready to head into 2016, which will hopefully be a steadier market than we saw in 2015.
Twelve Are Killed in Terrorist Attack at Newspaper in Paris (January 7)
Ohio State Upsets Oregon in College Football Championship (January 12)
New England Beats Seattle to Take Fourth Super Bowl (February 1)...What was Pete Carroll thinking???
Obama Asks Congress for Authority to Fight ISIS (February 11)
Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Begins (March 4)
German Jetliner Carrying 150 Passengers Crashes (March 24)
Hillary Clinton Announces Second Bid for President (April 12)
Death in Baltimore Leads to Riots (April 12)
Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of Murder (April 15)
Ship Capsizes in Mediterranean Killing Hundreds of Migrants (April 19)
NFL Finds Brady Guilty in Deflate gate (May 6)
Boston Marathon Bombing Jury Sentences Tsarnaev to Death (May 15)
American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown (June 6)
Blackhawks Win Sixth Stanley Cup (June 15)
Golden State Wins First NBA Championship in Forty Years (June 16)
Man Opens Fire at Charleston, SC Church, Kills Nine (June 17)
U.S. Beats Japan in Women's World Cup (July 5)
Republicans Hold First 2016 Presidential Debate (August 6)
House Votes to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding (September 18)
Speaker of the House John Boehner Resigns (September 25)
China Ends One-Child Policy After Decades (October 29)
Paul Ryan Is Elected House Speaker (October29)
Russian Airliner Crashes in Egypt (October 31)
Royals Win Their First World Series in 30 Years (November 1)
Three Coordinated Attacks by ISIS Kill Dozens in Paris (November 13)
At least 27 Are Killed in Mali Hotel Attack (November 20)

Chad Youngman
Manager, Winchester Office
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Chad Youngman is manager of the Winchester office. Youngman has been with the Allen Lund Company for 17 years.  

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