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September 9, 2015

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Cargo Theft Prevention Tips

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Cargo Theft Prevention Tips

The transportation industry is constantly evolving. We are always adjusting to the many variables that affect the industry. Cargo theft is another factor that is constantly changing. While customers and transportation providers have made adjustments to reduce theft on high value and high risk commodities, thieves have also changed their tactics. Now, thieves are changing up their target commodities. Although, electronics and pharmaceutical products are still high risk, we can now consider less valuable commodities to be targets. As reported by Trucking Info, cargo thieves are going after less valuable commodities, such as food and beverages, because these goods are often less secure. Frequently, shippers do not go to the same lengths to secure a load of food product as they would to secure a load of flat screen televisions. 

With these new developments in cargo theft, now is a good time to evaluate security measures and take steps to help keep your cargo safe. Here are a few tips to help keep your cargo safe:
  • Holiday weekends are particularly risky. When you add an extra transit day to a load, there is more time for the freight to be idle and unattended. You will want to avoid having any extra transit day as this will add more risk.
  • Avoid unfamiliar carriers. If you find yourself working with an unfamiliar carrier make sure are speaking with actual representatives of that company and checking them out on the SAFER System.
  • Require drivers to use pickup numbers and make sure the shipping department enforces this policy.
  • Communicate cargo value to providers and make sure their insurance covers the commodity as well as the value.
  • Require drivers to go 200 miles from origin before stopping. Theft is more likely to occur near the pickup location.
  • Use carriers that are not based in the origin city, this will help to insure they leave the origin area promptly after getting loaded.
  • Place a GPS tracking device inside the trailer. Locus Traxx is a provider of such devices. With their tracking devices you can get real time information regarding the location of your product. These devices can also monitor if the trailer doors have been opened and will send out an alert to you.  
Through diligence and rigor the implementation of these tips can minimize risk and help prevent cargo theft. 

Casey Tracey
Broker, Los Angeles Dry Department

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Casey Tracey graduated in 2005 from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Communication and Rhetoric.  She joined Allen Lund Company in 2014 with over 10 years experience working for a 3PL.
About Allen Lund Company: Specializing as a national third-party transportation broker with nationwide offices and 400 employees, the Allen Lund Company works with shippers and carriers across the nation to transport dry, refrigerated (specializing in produce), and flatbed freight; additionally, the Allen Lund Company has an international division, which is licensed by the FMC as an OTI-NVOCC #019872NF, and a logistics and software division, ALC Logistics.  


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