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March 12, 2015                                                                            Issue #95
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Steve Hull, Editor
Allen Lund Company
Manager - Portland Office
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Best Practices on Receiving Payment Promptly

Truck. Trailer. Insurance. Fuel. Engine oil. Repair. Maintenance. Licenses. Permits. Tires. Tolls. Driver wages. Benefits. None of these things come for free when running a trucking company! To pay for that long list of expenses you negotiated a great rate on your load. Despite traffic jams, less than perfect road conditions and a flat tire - the cargo was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Since it's unlikely that an envelope of cash to cover your expenses will be handed to you at delivery, here are a few suggestions carriers can do to receive payment promptly:

  • Sending invoices via snail mail adds several days to the process. Unless the shipper requires originals, save yourself the postage costs and email or fax the invoices.

  • Be sure to make sure invoices are legible with the Load ID number and are being sent to the correct company and department

  • Include a signed Confirmation/Rate Sheet if the broker has not already received one.

  • Remind driver to have receiver sign the BOL.

  • Include legible BOL/POD'S.

  • Include any receiving stickers and lumper receipts.

  • Write an explanation on the lumper receipt as to why charges were over the allotted amount.

  • Communicate any discrepancies ahead of time. 

  • Loads that have an OS&D that were not reported at the time of loading need to be addressed before payment.

  • Loads being hauled by another carrier/double broked will delay payment.

  • Sign up for direct deposit if offered, you will receive funds faster than waiting for a check to arrive.

  • If factoring, submit Notice of Assignment letter.

  • Request release letters from former factoring companies.

We know that a paid carrier is a happy carrier so we want to pay invoices quickly. If you suspect a missed payment, contact your broker sooner rather than later so the missing items can be found before paperwork gets thrown away or lost.


Happy Hauling!



Lori Gardner

Auditor, Carrier Resources

Lori Gardner joined the Allen Lund Company in May 2013 as a Carrier Resources auditor. 


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