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January 20, 2015
Allen Lund Company Newsletter
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If You're Involved in Produce, GET A DOG
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Nora Trueblood, Editor
4529 Angeles Crest Hwy., Suite 101
La Ca´┐Żada, CA 91020
(800) 475-5863 - Office

If You're Involved in Produce, GET A DOG!


Hi everyone.  I've been in the produce business for over 30 years and I think my dog Jasper has saved my sanity many times.  The older I've become the more I believe in God and of course everything other than myself.  My dog (yes God spelled backwards) believes in love, food, walks and being petted!  My daily life is spent in the pursuit of working with good trucks, good customers and good employees.  


Good trucks: I cannot say that enough. The driver's involved with great trucks are great men/women who call regularly, pulp loads, show up on time, and generally feel that hauling produce is a career.  Too bad most of us who have kids don't recommend they get a job hauling perishables across the country.  I guess being away from home weeks at a time, working long hours, staying in their cabs sleeping, and eating poorly is not something a lot of folks aspire to do.  It's pretty obvious that this profession is not easy and why drivers are in short supply.  I think my truck drivers need a canine friend more than me! 


The produce business is stressful and no matter how hard it gets, when I come home my dog Jasper is so happy to see me you would think that we were reunited after a very long time apart.  Then he wants my attention for at least five minutes of belly rubbing and general happiness.  We get calls all hours of the night and in the early morning, having this pup to bring down my blood pressure has been great.  I think we should supply a dog for every truck on the road.  Yes it's a bit tricky, but dog gone it, they're worth it.




Jasper Rose
Dog, San Francisco 

Jasper Rose is the dog of Bob Rose, manager of the San Francisco Office.

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