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February 6, 2013 

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Signals Toward Economic Growth
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Signals Toward Economic Growth

Despite the serious issues facing world economies, the U.S. economy shows signs of growth.  And that's good for the manufacturing and transportation industries.  The fiscal cliff was averted and the economy is on an upswing.  Spending cuts might actually start happening, and the U.S. is exploring new energy options that are driving jobs and prosperity in some regions.  China, Africa, and other emerging markets can still provide significant growth opportunities.  The euro zone is fragile, but no longer about to collapse.  Japan, Europe and the U.S. are likely to struggle with negative to low growth but there's an unmistakable change in the overall mood of economists. 


Here are 5 general reasons things are looking up, and may continue to:


-U.S. consumers' best hope is on the home front - Housing construction is picking up.  While construction jobs themselves are good, the stronger housing market actually boosts consumer spending & personal consumption due to the perceived 'wealth effect'.   That's where the real action is.


-The S&P 500 Post Longest Winning Streak Since 2004 on Profits - In January the S&P closed above 1,500 for the first time since December 2007.  It gained for eight straight days, the longest string of advances since November 2004.


-The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trending up toward 14,000 in an orderly fashion, with good 3 month trading volumes.


-Auto Sales Likely to Speed Into 2013

J.D. Power and LMC Automotive expects U.S. retail sales in January to reach the highest rate in five years. "Including fleet sales to commercial customers, the research firms expect an annual sales rate for the month of 15 million vehicles. That would follow the strong showings in November and December, when the rate topped 15 million."


-The jobs numbers have been terrific lately.   Erratic reporting and an artificial spike in construction due to Superstorm Sandy may be misleading the unemployment numbers.  Regardless, the outlook overall is better than it has been in recent memories of downgraded credit ratings, bank failures, debt ceiling default, spiraling unemployment, European countries on the brink of bankruptcy, and worldwide political unrest.   If the trend continues and obstacles to business start-ups and growth in this country are removed, things could get really busy.

Jim Scazzero

Assistant Manager, Atlanta

 [email protected] 


Jim Scazzero is assistant manager of the Atlanta office and has been with the Allen Lund Company since 1991. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a degree in finance, Jim was promoted to assistant manager in 2001.

About Allen Lund Company: Specializing as a national third-party transportation broker with nationwide offices and 350 employees, the Allen Lund Company works with shippers and carriers across the nation to transport dry, refrigerated, and flatbed freight; additionally, the Allen Lund Company has an international division, ALC International, which is licensed by the FMC as an OTI-NVOCC, and a logistics division, ALC Logistics.
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