June 22, 2016
Royal Haven Baptist Church joined Literacy Connexus . . .

It took Emily Hernandez exactly one half-hour session at the Dallas Baptist Association WMU Spring Celebration to decide to take the plunge into the banking business.

Book banking, that is.

A book bank is similar to a food bank, where resources are collected and then used to meet the needs of people in the community. So, if groups or individuals--like WMU or youth or RAs/GAs or Eagle Scouts--conduct a book drive, they can deposit their donations in the local book bank to bless families right there where they live. By the same token, any group or individual can withdraw from the bank for their own use or to share with families in need.

Emily Hernandez and Pastor Rick Dorman  
launching a book bank ministry in their church. 
When Emily learned about the project she immediately approached her pastor, Rick Dorman of Royal Haven Baptist Church in Farmers Branch, and told him all she needed was space to make it happen. "I kind of didn't leave him alone about it," she said. Last week they identified a children's Sunday school room for getting started.

Emily said the book bank is the missing puzzle piece for their church and what God is calling them to do. "I hope we are bursting at the seams with books, and they go out every week and then God provides them all over again," she said. Eventually, they would like to be able to send books to kids in need on the border.

Royal Haven Baptist Church is our sixth children's book bank location. With 254 counties in Texas, we need a whole lot more! The main requirements are enough space to sort and store books and a few volunteers. See our website for guidance or call us for help.
And if you're in the area, don't hesitate to call on Emily for some energetic inspiration and encouragement. "I hope the North Texas and Dallas area really grabs hold of this," Emily said, "and that we reach families for Jesus and also make sure kids have books and are being read to at home."
Training Opportunities . . .

Aug. 19-20
Aug. 19-20
Marble Falls
Aug. 26-27
San Antonio
Aug. 26-27
Cross Cultural
Sept. 9
 San Antonio
Sept. 10
San Antonio
Teaching Higher
Sept. 10
San Antonio
Sept. 16-17
Cedar Park
Sept. 23-24
El Paso
Sept. 23-24

 National Literacy Missions Partnership:
Aug. 11-12
North Richland Hills

Note:  The deadline for nominations for Volunteer of the Year has been extended through today.
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