May 25, 2016
I joined Literacy Connexus . . . 

The last thing Angela Childers would have envisioned herself doing after college was mentoring adults in reading and learning to speak English. In fact, even when her resume to the United Way netted a job with the Literacy Council of Tyler, TX, the word literacy scared her.

Angela had been diagnosed with dyslexia in the second grade. She received some help in school, but struggled enough that by the sixth grade her mom decided to homeschool.

"She didn't know a lot about homeschooling or what to do," Angela said, "she just knew she had a kid that she wanted to make sure knew how to read."

What do you do with a pre-teenager stuck at a second or third grade reading level? Angela's mom prayerfully decided to have her transcribe the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They used books on tape to keep Angela on grade level with her course work, and did lots of reading together.

Her mom's creativity and diligence paid off. Eventually, Angela returned to school, went on to college, and earned a degree in Sociology. At the Literacy Council of Tyler, she mentored people in reading and English language learning for five years.
One day, it dawned on Angela just how life-changing it was to be helping people like her former self--people struggling to become better readers. She said to her mom, "I love reading!"

"It was such a blessing to say that," Angela said, "and to see what a huge part of my life reading has become--something enjoyable and not a necessary evil."

Today Angela lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and serves on the board of Literacy Connexus. She had met Lester several years ago when he led a workshop at her church in Tyler. Recently, she reconnected with him to figure out how to stay in the loop of serving people through literacy.

In wanting to help learners, Angela reflects on her grandfather who was taught to speak English as a refugee from Russia, and her mom whom she describes as a hero in turning Angela into a reader. Her appreciation of their efforts, along with her own struggles along the way, enable her to readily relate to people wanting to improve their ability to read.

"I didn't choose literacy, but it became a calling," Angela said. "It found me."
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