May 11, 2016
Missouri is the Show Me State . . .

Last Thursday it showed us what Books for the Border and Beyond looks like in a North Kansas City community. And it looked pretty good.
Literacy Fair Infographic created by Chris Homiak
"An idea came from Texas, was shared with schools and churches in Kansas City North, and people got excited about it," Mark Buhlig, a pastor at Englewood Baptist Church, said. Mark had previously participated in Literacy Connexus projects through CBF Texas border ministries.

Mark shared the family reading fair concept with Northgate Middle School ELL (English Language Learner) teacher Chris Homiak, when contacted about possible church participation in the school's YouthFriends program. YouthFriends involves adults investing in kids' lives by reading to them and being a friend.

Chris got excited and so did others in the community. Nearby Fairview Christian Church had connections with a local Rotary Club, which contributed funds for the bookcase materials. From building to painting to acquiring books, the community came through.  

"We explained the concept to partners and they all found a way to participate," Mark said. "It was very collaborative; no one group had to carry the weight to make it happen."

Individuals like Brooklyn Bradley, a William Jewell College Education Major, also contributed to the effort. "Brooklyn has a creative mind, big heart, and compassion," Mark said. "She put a lot of energy into the project and a lot of herself."
All that energy, preparation, and collaboration came together in one poignant moment for Mark on the day of the literacy fair:

You've got these YouthFriends who dedicate time every week to sit with ELL students--refugee and immigrant kids who are learning English and learning to read better. As I'm observing, one of the ELL students is introducing their YouthFriends to their parents. It was just a deeply profound moment when those adults who all cared for this child were all being introduced to each other, by the child.

What a great picture from the Show Me State of literacy missions ministry serving families in a practical way, and at the same time bringing people together. 


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