Feb. 3, 2016
Join me in taking a practice run at the GED . . .

Have you ever wondered how you would do on the GED? I just found out. I wouldn't pass. At least the math part. I took the practice test and my score was 142. The good news is that the State of Texas has just approved lowering the acceptable scores on all parts of the test from 150 to 145 (My Statesman). But that still leaves me on the outside looking in.

In Texas, more than 4 million adults lack a high school diploma. Imagine leaving a blank for Date of High School Graduation _____ on a job application. For these adults, the best option currently is to pass the GED, which is a proprietary test owned by Pearson VUE. To pass the essay portion, you have to be able to type 25 words a minute. It's not cheap either: $135.
Good news! Last Friday, the State Board of Education approved two other vendors for tests of high school equivalency. By the end of the summer, the HiSET and TASC tests will be available as alternatives to the GED to obtain the Certificate of High School Equivalency in Texas.  These tests should be cheaper and will allow test takers to opt for paper and pencil or computer.

There is hope for my math score! I have registered for the North Texas Math Literacy Symposium scheduled for February 26th in Arlington. The Tarrant Literacy Coalition (Kathryn Thompson, Executive Director) will host this event. I'm hopeful this experience will help me prepare for my second math practice test. I'll keep you posted. Then there's science . . .

Last Saturday, Literacy Texas sponsored the Gulf Coast Literacy Symposium in Pearland. Conducted by Literacy Advance of Houston (Joe Wappelhorst, Executive Director). 103 attendees represented 30 organizations.

On January 23rd, 55 persons from 20 programs participated in the East Texas Literacy Symposium, conducted by the East Texas Literacy Council in Longview (Jennifer Slade, Executive Director).

Next month I'll be at the West Texas Literacy Symposium in Lubbock on the 19th. Literacy Lubbock (Lynda Dutton, Executive Director) will conduct that training at Texas Tech University.

On April 9th, Literacy Connexus will join local literacy leaders in the Panhandle to provide an excellent day of training at Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo.

Join us! There is something for everyone dedicated to making life better for our fellow Texans who struggle with language and literacy.

Lester Meriwether 
Executive Director 
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