Dec. 16, 2015
On the Front Lines . . .

Phrases like on the front lines in our current context do not generally bring to mind classes in English down at the church. Our nation is at war and "front lines" suggests scenes in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan--even Paris and San Bernardino. Many of us react in fear, closing ranks; some finding even among abandoned children quartered in camps in Texas and elsewhere, something about which to be afraid.

And the angel said unto them, "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people."
Literacy Connexus TEX Training helps prepare volunteers
 to teach English as a Second Language in churches.
Yet there are hundreds of volunteers teaching English in Texas to persons from other lands--thousands of adult students from scores of countries. These programs or ministries in churches often have "friendship" and "neighbor" in their names. For many years teachers have shown up, demonstrated compassion, taught English and cooking, and sometimes citizenship. In Waco and Houston and Fort Worth and Dallas and Austin and Amarillo and in so many more places in Texas and beyond. These volunteers are on the front lines indicating the good tidings by helping others.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

Refugees, immigrants, and internationals--they come to us with unfamiliar beliefs and customs and accents and often with a common need for friendship and help with a new language. You may be one of those teachers; we celebrate you. Your church may offer English classes; thank you. More teachers are needed in more churches in more communities; join us! (See Upcoming Events below for training opportunities.)

And we can all take the Christmas challenge to fear not.

Great Books for Children . . .

We think books make the very best gifts for kids (ages one to 92). So, we asked expert Shelley Lowe, Literacy Connexus board member and owner of Monkey and Dog Books in Fort Worth, how to excite the young readers on our lists.
Click here for Shelley's list of absolute treasures.

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Trivia Challenge
1.  Recipes for posset abounded in the Middle Ages in England. A modern version of this food or drink would be:

a) eggnog

b) gingerbread

c) mincemeat

d) plum pudding

2.  To whom, what, or where does the word Boleslav refer?

a) the third century birthplace of St. Nicholas

b) traditional Christmas Eve stew of Bulgaria

c) the Finnish word for reindeer

d) the brother of good King Wenceslas

On Christmas Eve in England's Elizabethan period, waits were:

a) large tree trunks rolled into homes to serve as yule logs

b) games like Blind Man's Bluff and Shoe the Mare played 
by excited children

c) official carol singers

d) piles of fruits and nuts to be enjoyed in anticipation of the next day's feast 

Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  
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