Nov. 4, 2015
English Language Acquisition . . .

The new term for teaching English to speakers of other languages is English Language Acquisition (ELA). Many churches in Texas do this. They offer classes in English or ESL (English for Speakers of other Languages).   

Consider a sampling of several names of these ministries:  Friendship International, International Friends, International Neighbors, SMILE (South Main International Learning Experience), and Learning English Among Friends (LEAF).  As the names suggest, more is going on than helping strangers navigate the mysteries of the English language.  It's ministry.

Trainer Dora Parnell teaching volunteers to teach ESL as a church ministry 

More than 250 churches are engaged in teaching English to an estimated 15,000 adults from more than 80 countries in Texas this week.  From Amarillo to Brownsville and from El Paso to East Texas, churches are helping people acquire capacity in English. And learn about American culture and cooking. Many churches offer quality child care programs for children; some provide transportation.  Additionally, Bible study is often an option. The common denominator is teaching English; students are internationals, immigrants, and refugees. With diverse educational and religious backgrounds they respond to teachers who demonstrate the love of Christ.

Literacy Connexus provides training and support for volunteers teaching English through church-based ministries.


What does ESL Church Ministry Look Like? 

At West U Baptist Church in Houston, it looks exciting! Pastor Roger Patterson recently shared with church members:

    our Chinese congregation has seen over 600 visitors who have come to an outreach event or worship service and returned to China in the last two years

    our Spanish congregation took a mission trip to an immigration detention center this past summer, shared the gospel and nearly 100 people gave their life to Christ. They returned to minister again this past weekend and 15 more gave their life to Christ

    our ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministry is blowing and going. Here are a few statistics from the start of this semester:

   119 students (across three classes: Sunday @ Crosspoint Espaņol= 27, Tuesday @ Open Door= 10, and Wednesday nights @ WUBC = 82)       
   ESL Sunday Bible Study, which has been ongoing, is not included in this count, we average about 30 people per week, including one who found Jesus on Tuesday!!
   18 countries represented
   38 VERY dedicated volunteers
  And we are training other ESL volunteers across the city!
Nuts over Reading for the Holidays . . .

One thing we learned at last weekend's Trunk or Treat at Western Hills Baptist Church in Fort Worth:

Kids and parents get much more excited about books than they do about candy!

You can help us give books to children by making a tax deductible donation through Nuts over Reading.

For $50, send a one-pound tin of delicious Texas pecans from Leonard Farms of Granbury to the recipient of your choice. In addition to nuts, the package will include:
  • notification of donation made to Literacy Connexus in recipient's name
  • brochure describing our work
  • option of a personal message from you
Thirty dollars of your payment will be a tax deductible donation to Literacy Connexus. 

Order deadline is November 11, 2015.
Pecans will be shipped by November 18, to be received in time for Thanksgiving.

Two Steps to Ordering Pecans: 
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If you have any questions, call 817-696-9898, or contact us by clicking REPLY.

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Trivia Challenge
1.  In Yiddish it's machatunim, and in Spanish consuegros. There is no English one-word equivalent meaning:

a) a craving for something sweet and salty

b) the urge to pinch a baby's cheek

c) your daughter- or son-in-law's parents

d) your father's closest boyhood chum

2.  Wiseacre refers to a smart aleck or smarty pants. From which language did the word originate:

a) Chinese

b) Arabic

c) Russian

d) Dutch

3.  Harlingen, TX, is deep in the Rio Grande Valley and close to the heart of Literacy Connexus. If you lived in the other Harlingen--the one from which this one got its name--you would likely speak:

a) Spanish

b) Dutch

c) Norwegian

d) German 

Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  
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