Oct. 7, 2015
Are you willing?

It was a question our literacy team considered recently as we visited the Texas border.  Diann Whisnand, Field Personnel with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, invited a group to explore the possibility of an extended stay to help meet the literacy needs of those living in Hidalgo County.  For some time, Diann has had the vision for teachers to come to teach ESL and/or GED classes in and around the county. Our goal was to experience life on the border and determine if the vision was a possibility.

Our literacy team--
Richard, Edlyne, Diann, Connie, photographer Caroline  

The answer? Of course!  The need is overwhelming but our team feels God will call those who have a heart for literacy. The idea is to live and work in the area for about 13 weeks in order to teach at least one semester of ESL and/or GED.  The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Literacy Center has a heart for literacy ministry in Hidalgo County, specifically. It is only one of the counties included in the Rio Grande Valley, an area which totals about 1.4 million people!  The rate of poverty in Hidalgo County is one of the highest in the United States. At least 50 percent of those living there are considered illiterate. Our visit was eye-opening, yet hopeful. We know literacy work on the border is the key to helping families begin the climb out of poverty.
There are many success stories from the RGV Literacy Center, but Maria is a highlight.  She came as a student. Now Maria is working at the Center with a goal to extend her education so she can help provide for her young family. We want to walk alongside the ongoing work at the RGV Literacy Center to lay the foundation for more success stories like Maria's.

Maria, RGV Literacy Center staff 
Literacy Connexus has been and will continue to be an important partner with the literacy efforts on the border!  Won't you join us?

Look for details about the Literacy on the Border initiative in the future.
Caroline Bell
Literacy Connexus Board Member
One more TEX training for 2015 . . .

Tomorrow at Baylor . . .

Lester Meriwether and Linda English
What's For Lunch?
Feeding Kids' Bodies and Minds
at USDA Summer Meal Sites
9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  
Baines Room #210
Bill Daniel Student Center
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Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
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Trivia Challenge
1. This cooking term dates back to the l'Ordre des Chevaliers du Saint Esprit (Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit) in the 16th century. It is believed that, over time, the name of the knights became synonymous with the feast prepared when they received the order:

a) Croque Monsieur

b) Moules Marinières

c) Cordon Bleu

d) Tarte Tatin

2.   An Geadh-Glas
is a Celtic term meaning the Wild Goose. The term is used to refer to the:

a) winter solstice

b) shape of Ireland

c) Holy Spirit

d) President of Ireland Michael Higgins

3. An atlatl, from the Nahuatl language of the Aztec, is:

a) a grandmother

b) a handheld stick used for flinging spears

c) a misunderstanding

d) any antlered animal 

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