Sept. 23, 2015
I went looking for a place for a workshop and wound up a partner...

On October 10, Literacy Connexus will sponsor training to help adults learn to read better. Since we expect the workshop (see below) to draw from across the Fort Worth - Dallas area, a centrally located site was high on our list. Cornerstone Assistance Network came to mind. Housed in the old Pancho's Restaurant building off 121 just east of downtown Fort Worth, this unique ministry seemed an ideal spot for the training.

I knew Cornerstone and its executive director Mike Doyle since before the organization was located anywhere. I have watched with amazement and appreciation how God has blessed this unique ministry. Most recently I became acquainted with Jesse Vasquez--director of network development--through various events sponsored by the Tarrant Literacy Coalition. In July we testified together before the State Board of Education to increase test options for those seeking their high school equivalency certificate.
Jesse is Mr. Enthusiasm at Cornerstone. He beams with sincere delight in helping churches help people with many different kinds of needs. He gave me the deluxe Cornerstone tour. Since I wasn't dropping bread crumbs, it's good he stayed in sight: Cornerstone's building is a-maze-ing. It would be easy to get lost without a guide. Resources for helping include skilled intake, a medical clinic including a state of the art vision operating suite, a thrift store with everything from exercise equipment to clothing, and so much more. Cornerstone hosts classes in computer, ESL and high school equivalency (GED). They have a vested interest in our upcoming training in adult literacy. Thank you, Jesse.

Oh, I signed on as a partner. How could I not? Here's a pic of Jesse standing by an assortment of donated paint--free to partners. We began to dream of a bookcase-building event at Cornerstone where volunteers will build bookcases for families. I'd say that's a match made in heaven . . .

Thank you, Jesse. See you on October 10 and beyond.

Adult Literacy Volunteer Training . . .

Learn how to help 
low-literacy adults 
improve reading skills
Oct. 10, 2015, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Cornerstone Assistance Network
8500 Noble Ave., Fort Worth, TX

Texas Hunger Initiative Summit . . .

October 7-9, 2015
Baylor University

We'll be presenting on summer  
feeding and reading programs.

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
Offices at Henderson Hall - Agape Baptist Church
3954 Southwest Blvd., Fort Worth, TX  76116
Mailing/shipping address:
3020 S. Cherry Lane, #123168
Fort Worth, TX  76121
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