Nuts over Reading!
What Olivia said . . .

Olivia is my granddaughter's name. This is not about her, though. Before her eight years began, the Olivia I knew was Olivia Lewis--a member of my church. She and I and a couple dozen others from Western Hills Baptist Church in Fort Worth taught Vacation Bible School in a small village near Torreon, Mexico. At the end of the week, we were enjoying a meal in a restaurant after spending several days where tumblers of ice water were not readily available. The server was struggling with a hoisted tray holding a pitcher of ice water and a half dozen glasses. Suddenly all of the ice water and glasses and the pitcher tumbled down Olivia Lewis's back. She shuddered and simply said, "Oooh." I knew I was in the presence of a saint. I reflected later that some might have voiced more colorful expressions. At least thought them. It was a torrent of icy cold water, after all.

In an effort to help all  of us emulate the saintly Olivia Lewis, we present . . .  
Gentle Reader,
A slip of the tongue can be a dangerous thing. Yet, who hasn't smashed a finger, stubbed a toe, or been pierced or pricked by the thoughtless sentiments of not-so-gentle souls around them?

These are the moments when indelicate lexicon may leak from our lips. We lose our decorum and end up assaulting the sensibilities of those nearby.

This ought not to be, Careful Reader, and we have a solution.


When composure flags and you find yourself reflexively reaching for unseemly sentiments to spew, simply substitute a character from a beloved book you have read.

Bump your head? Atticus Finch!

Whack your shin? Nurse Ratched!

Down to your last frayed nerve? Ichabod Crane!

Fictional characters brought you satisfaction and joy previously; let them serve you again in your moment of need.

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Lester Meriwether, Executive Director

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In Texas, 4.3 million adults lack the literacy skills needed to function at a level to provide for themselves and their families. That equates to over 23 percent of our state's population not having a high school diploma or GED, and/or not able to speak, read, or write English adequately.