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      August 26, 2015
Kids in San Marcos are 3,231 books smarter than they were about 10 weeks ago . . .

That's how many books, total, were read to and by participants in the Mission Good Neighbors summer nutrition program sponsored by Redwood Baptist Church.

From the beginning of June through mid-August, children arrived at three locations for a hot lunch and the opportunity to stay for Bible stories, memory verses, songs, and reading. It was like a summer-long Vacation Bible School.

"We used 30 books from the American Bible Society curriculum," Jim Lanning, Redwood Baptist Church Pastor Emeritus said. "Then we added a bunch more."

Children attending the Bible story and reading program worked one-on-one with volunteer reading coaches. "The best thing we did," Brother Jim said, "was getting the seniors involved." He said they were able to come for a manageable stretch of time each day and serve the children. He added that they also had great success using high school and even middle school students as reading coaches.

Each child in the program received 8 to 10 books to take home.
This year Mission Good Neighbors had a secret weapon in their arsenal: 58 bookcases--one for each family in the program--built by Jim's army buddy Ed Leach and his wife Crystal of Eastwood Baptist Church in Gatesville. "That was a big gift," Brother Jim said. The Leach's prepared and sent the bookcase pieces to San Marcos where they were assembled and painted by Mario Sandoval. Six of the bookcases were built over-sized for larger families.

With the start of school, the impact of Mission Good Neighbors will continue in the form of a Friday night Good News Club, led by Skyra Ruiz and her mother Debbie. The Good News Club will teach kids more about the Bible and its relevance to their lives, and include an on-going book exchange opportunity.

"The best thing I saw all summer," Brother Jim said, "was when I came upon a little boy hiding under a table reading a book." Parents in San Marcos are likely discovering similar heartwarming scenes at home, thanks to the good influence of Mission Good Neighbors and the Good News Club.
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September 6, 2015

On this day, thousands of Hispanic churches across our nation will be encouraging students, teachers, and parents, asking the Lord for wisdom on:

1. How to best equip students in our congregations and communities in answering the call to "love the Lord your God... with all our mind" (Luke 10:27)

2. How to help raise the standards so that every child receives a quality education regardless of income, race, or zip code.  

TEX Workshops . . .


Teaching English with Excellence workshops provide training and materials for new and returning ESL teachers of adult students.


September 11-12
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DaNaune Bloodworth . . .

The literacy community was saddened to lose DaNaune Bloodworth on August 10, 2015, at the age of 81.

DaNaune served as a literacy missions volunteer in Texas as well as in the Northeast, where she and her husband traveled. She taught ESL on the Texas Border and in various settings across the state, including San Angelo and Waco. DaNaune helped establish Laguna Java, a community library sponsored by First Baptist Church of Laguna Park.

Our prayers are with DaNaune's family and loved ones.

DaNaune's obituary 
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