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          July 1, 2015
In every job that must be done . . .

There is an element of fun. You find the fun, and -- SNAP -- the job's a game!  --Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins showed up Saturday to read to children at Lighthouse Harbor Baptist Church in Pelican Bay, TX. (We're sure she only read sensible stories.) Little Red Riding Hood was there with a cape and a smile, and Mother Goose appeared, along with other favorite characters.


Volunteers from two other churches helped support Lighthouse Harbor's family reading fair:  Ash Creek Baptist Church in Azle, and Lighthouse Fellowship United Methodist Church in Fort Worth. Lighthouse Fellowship members built and painted 55 bookcases; 12 went to families at Saturday's event, and the rest will be distributed through Vacation Bible School.




Heather Matteson, aka Little Red Riding Hood, is a member of Ash Creek Baptist and an elementary school teacher. She enjoyed reading books that the children picked out, alongside the other storybook characters, and felt that the reading fair was a wonderful event.




Heather said, "I think it's phenomenal to be able to reach across denominations to serve communities, and raise awareness of literacy. This is one of the noblest things we can do. It's part of raising disciples, I believe."


In addition to selecting books and listening to stories, children picked out and decorated bookcases, played games, and enjoyed refreshments.  


Planning and preparing for the event was a big job. But the results far exceeded an element of fun for everyone involved!  

Amphibian Stage Productions is generously donating a portion of the evening's ticket sales to Literacy Connexus. 

Box Office: 817-923-3012 

"This new adaptation of the classic novel is a celebration of imagination and proves that a little craziness isn't such a bad thing." 
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Trivia Challenge 
1. A child born in 1986, the last time Halley's Comet (Buntalang Halley in Tagalog) visited our solar system, will be about how old when it makes its next appearance?


a) 35


b) 52


c) 76


d) 90


2. Chanko is a dish prepared in Japan. It is eaten daily by:


a) babies


b) expectant mothers


c) school children


d) sumo wrestlers    



3. The Crocodile and Marico rivers join to form the Limpopo. They flow through which continent? 


a) Africa


b) Asia


c) Australia


d) South America



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Spanish Language 
Created by the WMU of Texas, this excellent handout, in Spanish and English, gives a strong case for:

Why the church should care about reading

to be gained by children who are read to and who become readers

Tips to make reading enjoyable and effective

This is a handy resource for any church.

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