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  January 28, 2015
Thank you, Wanda . . .


It is so great to see that Literacy Connexus is continuing with the "Adult Reading and Writing" and "Conversational English" programs that I was introduced to in 1967 when I took my initial training through the Southern Baptist Convention Home Mission Board. This life changing experience opened my eyes and my mind to areas of service not before known. The church I attended provided facilities for teaching and a nursery was provided as needed for the students.


One of my first students was a man in his late forties who had never learned to read.  He worked for a local chemical company, having started when the plant opened, and was not required to do any paper work. He shared with me that none of his three children knew that he could not read. Each day when he got home from work, he would pick up the paper and pretend to read.  As he began learning to sound out letters and then words, encouragement grew and he progressed quickly through the Laubach Skill Books.

What a joy it was to see a church custodian learn to write his name!  I don't know who was more excited, me or him. Along with the study materials, the Bible was our other text.  


Wanda (right) with Leta Cornman, 1988 


Another student who had been promoted through high school because of his athletic abilities, said, "I have heard these Bible stories all my life but now I can read them for myself." 


Helping a non-English speaker study and pass her citizenship test was another God-given experience.  I think I had to study more than she, and that was fine. The Lord allowed me many opportunities of service, not only teaching students but leading in workshops for those wanting to become teachers of students.


Thank you, Lester, for your leadership in providing workshops for new teachers.  May our Lord continue to richly bless Literacy Connexus.


Wanda Eckeberger

Note from Lester:  

In 1993, Wanda received the Mildred Blankenship national Literacy Missions Award from the Baptist Home Mission Board. In addition to teaching students through local church ministry, Wanda was a literacy missions associate, and with other trainers like Leta Cornman, equipped many volunteer literacy teachers across the United States.


In 2002, she was recognized by Elmin Howell, director of the Texas Baptist River Ministry, for more than thirty years of service. She and her husband Jack served along the Texas - Mexico Border helping to start churches and meet human need.  

Most recently, she volunteered from 2010 to 2012 at the Hospitality House in Huntsville. According to executive director Debra McCammon, Wanda demonstrated unconventional love to the families of inmates at the Texas Department of Corrections. A tireless worker, Wanda once taught college student volunteers to use a tiller in creating a prayer garden. Debra noted that families are still asking about Wanda.


Thank you, Wanda!
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Saturday, February 28, 2015 
at Dallas Baptist University

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 

Offices at Henderson Hall - Agape Baptist Church

3954 Southwest Blvd., Fort Worth, TX  76116


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Pam Moore, Editor   

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1. Documents from 1497 show that James IV, King of Scots, paid two schillings for a bag of fut ballis. In an NFL game today, a regulation football is required to weigh between:


a) 12 and 13 ounces


b) 13 and 14 ounces


c) 14 and 15 ounces


d) 15 and 16 ounces 


2. El piropo is the custom of complimenting female beauty in Latin areas. It signifies simple admiration, not an attempted pick-up, and solicits no reply. An Italian may say, as he passes a mature woman, "Vecchia ma ancora buona!" which means:  


a) "Old but still good"


b) "Marry me while it is still today"


c) "Deeper snows yield greater beauty"


d) "I hope you have a sister for me"    

3. A pangram (of Greek word origin) is a:


a) series of words that paints a scenic picture


b) word that does not include any repeated letters

c) series of words which contains all the letters of the alphabet


d) word made up of letters arranged in alphabetical order



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