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  January 14, 2015
Your best year . . .

"People who don't plan ahead, need one." So the old saying goes. Now is the time for planning literacy ministry projects for 2015 and beyond. Join us at Literacy Connexus in making a profound difference in our state this year.


Last Thursday members of the Sand Flat (Cleburne) WMU (Woman's Missionary Union) gathered to learn about building houses and bookcases to improve the lives of others. They brought blankets and books and prayed for missionaries. WMU of TEXAS Executive Director Sandy Wisdom-Martin shared how volunteers have built houses for those living in colonias in Texas for the past four years.  Carolyn Kubiak (in blue) and Glenna Fowler (in red) learned how to build a book case.


Perry Gerbine built ten bookcases to share with families that lack books at home. Perhaps you know of such a family. Come by the Literacy Connexus office to pick one up. Better yet, go to the Literacy Connexus website and build a few. The gracious ladies in this WMU group sent me home with boxes of books to share, too. (Thanks, Nelda). They are in the book bank at Western Hills Baptist Church in Fort Worth waiting to be distributed. Come get some . . .  

Forty volunteers will be trained this Friday and Saturday at Mayfield Road Baptist Church in Arlington in ESL techniques. They will learn how to teach English to those who need to understand and speak a new language in a new setting. Refugees, immigrants, and internationals are all around us. Plan a way to connect with those in your community who need English to survive and thrive in the United States. We can help with training and planning. Give us a call.  


The legislature is in session. This afternoon I'll be participating in the Early Education Alliance meeting in Austin. I encourage you to learn more about ways to make your voice heard for the sake of children and families in Texas. Literacy Connexus is connected to and supported by Texas Baptists through the Christian Life Commission.  


Let's get busy!


Checklist for 2015


□ Build a bookcase for a family needing a home library

□ Share books with children

□ Volunteer in an ESL ministry

□ Teach an adult to read better

□ Raise your voice for children and others

Robin's Memorial Service . . .

January 17, 2015
10:30 a.m.
First Baptist Church
411 North Street
Nacogdoches, TX

Sessions include:

Hispanic Education Initiative    


Grow your program: Strategies for Deliberate and Effective Growth     


Effective Multilevel Teaching Practices in the ESL/ABE/ASE Classroom


Hospitality: Just Do It!    


ProLiteracy, the Benefits of Membership      


ESL-Awake, Alive, and Fun--Round 2    


Hope for Refugees    


Favorite Teaching Techniques from a Sample Lesson on "Family"    


Using Lipson Lessons & Picture Sequence Pages    


Critically Rethinking Literacy in the 21st Century




How to Transition your ESL Students into College    


Higher Level Activities     


Focus on EL Civics--Great, Engaging Lessons on the Topics We All Teach!


New Readers Press


Nuts over Reading  


Click here for downloadable flyer 

Coming soon to Abilene. . .
Featuring Caldecott-winner Marla Frazee

The Abilene Public Library invites you to
a free workshop:

Early Literacy in Action

February 12, 2015
9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 

Offices at Henderson Hall - Agape Baptist Church

3954 Southwest Blvd., Fort Worth, TX  76116


Mailing/shipping address:

3020 S. Cherry Lane, #123168

Fort Worth, TX  76121

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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. Ciabatta is an Italian bread with a flat, elongated shape, crispy crust, and airy interior. The word means:


a) parcel


b) rock


c) slipper


d) wagon 

2. The majority of residents in the snowiest major city in the world speak:   


a) German


b) Japanese


c) Nepali


d) English   

3. From Latin, antepenultimate means:  


a) second


b) middle


c) last


d) third from last


Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  

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