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    October 8, 2014
We joined Literacy Connexus . . .

Gambrell Street Baptist Church in Fort Worth figured out a great way to make the good times last.


Peggy Smith, Andi Morgan, Eva Moreira, and Esther Rodriguez led children at the church over the past several weeks in assembling, painting, and personalizing their own bookcases. The children's enthusiasm mounted each week, reaching a fevered pitch last night when they applied finishing touches and, finally, got to take them home.


"They kept asking, 'When do we get to take our bookcases home?' and talked about where they would put them," Esther said. "They were excited and looked forward to coming back each week."




While the children were busy creating, and dreaming about the books that would soon sit on the shelves, their parents were learning to speak English in the church's twice-weekly ESL program. Director Walter Krueger said the adult students come from Mexico, Cuba, Korea, and China. Last night they dismissed early so parents could help their children select books to fill up their Literacy Connexus book bags.




Each year, the Gambrell Street Baptist Church deacons come up with a service project. This year they wanted to interface with the ESL program, and decided to provide Books for the Border and Beyond bookcases for each family. One of the men cut and prepared lumber for 23 bookcases in his workshop, and several of them came by to assist and encourage the kids during the assembling and painting steps.




A call was put out to the church for new and used books, resulting in a collection of more than 840 for children of all ages. In addition to choosing from those donated, the families received new Bible story books, adult Bibles, and copies of What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick.




"The best thing was that the children really got involved and excited," Esther said. "It was a wonderful project, and exciting for us to see them excited about books and reading."



More reasons than the Monument Café to stop in Georgetown . . .

For several years the good people of First Baptist Church, Georgetown, have built and painted bookcases and collected books as a part of their FirstSERVES Day. This year they built 100 and have made 90 available for use through the Literacy Connexus Books for the Border project. Ten will go to one of their adopted schools. They also collected 450 books!


The stipulation: books and bookcases must go to the Border to share with children who lack books at home.


Sounds like a ready made mission trip to me. For more information, please contact Literacy Connexus.


What are you waiting for? First come, first served . . .


Thank you Charlotte Watson (minister of missions) and First Baptist Church, Georgetown.

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director
Offices at Henderson Hall - Agape Baptist Church
3954 Southwest Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX  76116

Mailing address:
3020 S. Cherry Lane, #123168
Fort Worth, TX 76121-3168
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