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      August 13, 2014
We joined Literacy Texas . . .

Once a year, literacy providers from all over Texas gather in one place to feast on training opportunities, and to swap experiences, hash out policy, and connect over shared meals. Last week's Literacy Texas Annual Conference in San Marcos mingled the flavors of adult and family literacy, English as a Second language, citizenship, and other ingredients, to help ensure all Texans have the opportunity to savor a better future for themselves and their children.


The conference served up an alphabet soup of GED, ABE, TEX, and USCIS--peppered with a dash of ELL and CCR. Don't worry about the meanings, but trust us that the offerings were rich. In Texas, there is no sugarcoating the fact that 4.3 million adults struggle with inadequate reading and/or language skills; the conference reflected the bold mix of faith-based, state, and community organizations that work together to satisfy the hunger to learn of all those with literacy needs.

H.D. White, Myrtle, and family


Over a luncheon dessert, our friend H.D. White accepted the Volunteer of the Year award, to the delight of his sweet wife Myrtle, his family, and all who were present. H.D.'s recognition for almost a quarter century of adult literacy ministry in Amarillo was truly the icing on the cake of this year's Literacy Texas Conference.


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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. A group of turtles (tortuga in Spanish) is called:

a) an abel 


b) a bale


c) a bell


d) a bolo  

2. Haut comme trois pommes is the French equivalent of our expression knee high to a grasshopper. It literally means three apples tall. This is the common height of a:   


a) souvenir Eiffel Tower


b) successful souffle


c) Smurf


d) venti-sized cup of coffee

3. Pan de Campo, Bread of the Camp, is the official state bread of Texas. The official state vehicle of Texas is the:


a) chuck wagon


b) pick-up truck


c) Quarter horse


d) Ford Model A  




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