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      July 16, 2014
We joined Literacy Connexus . . .


Last September, Norma Powell and Karen Dahlberg attended a TEX (Teaching English with Excellence) workshop in the Rio Grande Valley, and by February, they were off and running with their own ESL program at First Baptist Church Los Fresnos.


Norma had served with her husband on the mission field in Venezuela for 30 years, and had taught ESL before. She said, "I pretty much knew what I was getting into, but you always think, this is kind of scary . . . this is a big responsibility." Karen stepped up to co-direct the program, with no prior ESL or Spanish language experience. But God had laid it on their hearts to meet a need in their church.


Norma, raising her left hand at last fall's
Rio Grande Valley TEX workshop


FBC Los Fresnos is a bilingual church, with an 8:30 Sunday morning service in Spanish, and an 11:00 service in English. Some of the Spanish-speaking members had expressed a desire to communicate in English with their church brothers and sisters, and Norma and Karen responded. 


They decided to limit the classes to their own church for the first year. Twelve adult students enrolled and nine have consistently attended, split between levels one and two. No matter how they choose to move forward after this year, we know that they're already building relationships and changing lives.  

The TEX Training Manual, written by Literacy Connexus ESL Coordinator Robin Feistel, poses the question, Why should a church work with ESL learners and why should you join in this ministry?  Robin's answer:


ESL ministry is an evangelistic tool that meets a need, builds a relationship and gives the opportunity to share the love of Christ. As members of the Christian community we should care about people as individuals, and therefore want to help them.


FBC Los Fresnos is doing just that, benefiting English language learners and, at the same time, experiencing the blessing of being a blessing. "It's very rewarding helping my fellow sisters and brothers," Karen said. "You can see their confidence. They'll greet you in English and take it as far as they can."


Is your church ready to explore the challenges and rewards of ESL ministry? Check out our line-up of TEX trainings coming this fall, shown below, and sign up today!

We are offering 10
TEX Trainings in the fall of 2014.

Find a location near you and click on the name of the city to learn more.

1.  Marshall, TX    August 8-9
First Baptist Church
Reservation required by August 1

2.  Arlington, TX    August 8-9  
Grace Community Church
Reservation required by August 4 
3.  Round Rock, TX    August 8-9
First Baptist Church
Reservation required by August 5 

4.  Weslaco, TX    August 15-16
Offices of Rio Grande Valley Baptist Association
Reservation required by August 1

5. Houston, TX   August 22-23
Houston First Baptist Church
Reservation required by August 15 

6.  Houston, TX   September 5-6
College Park Baptist Church
Reservation required by August 29

7.  San Antonio, TX    September 5-6
San Antonio Baptist Association
Reservation required by September 2 

8.   Garland, TX    September 12-13
First Baptist Church
Reservation required by September 8

9. Santa Fe/Houston  September12-13
Arcadia First Baptist Church
Reservation required by September 5 

10.  Whitehouse/Tyler   September 20
First Baptist Church Whitehouse
Reservation required by September 12  

For literacy program administrators, volunteers, board members, and supporters.

See you in San Marcos!   

 Click to register

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
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were a means of revelation entrusted to the high priests of early Israel, used at critical moments when special divine guidance was needed. The words mean:

a) heart and strength 


b) positive and negative


c) light and perfection


d) prayer and obedience 

2. In the sport of cycling, the role of a domestique is to:  


a) prepare each day's musettes (feed bags)


b) ride as a workhorse for the benefit of the team and leader


c) make overnight arrangements for the team


d) clean the uniforms and equipment after each day's ride 

3. If someone hands you a tchotchke, you are most likely in: 


a) the vendor display area of a conference or trade show


b) a Jewish delicatessen


c) a Romanian orphanage


d) a Moscow soup kitchen 




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Literacy Connexus
Training Opportunity 
Hewitt, TX 
September 12-13

Learn how to:

-Teach someone to read


-Teach someone to speak English 


-Mentor a child


-Become a better ESL teacher


-Teach the Bible to those who have never seen one


-Teach English in another country   



Why bother?


-Texas has 6.5 million residents who do not speak English in the home.


-Texas is marked last in percentage of citizens with high school diploma or GED


-3.8 million people need adult education services -- only 2.6% are being served


-Dropouts cost Texas $9.6 billion



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