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June 18, 2014
Good deeds to meet pressing needs . . .

English language learners in Gonzales, TX have an unexpected opportunity to work on their English skills this summer, and to study the Bible at the same time. It's all thanks to First Baptist Church's response to two young men from Myanmar who wandered in on a Sunday evening in May, looking for the ESL program.


Although the ESL classes had already wound down for the summer, program director Blenda Wilson did some quick thinking. She decided to offer a four-week introductory class to connect with the men and point them in the right direction.


"We felt it was important to at least develop a relationship through a few classes, rather than just tell them to come back in September," Blenda's husband Tommy Wilson explained.   



Those classes ended last week. But in the meantime, the men asked if there was a Bible study they could attend, and FBC Gonzales stepped up to the plate once more. Starting this Sunday evening, they'll offer a Basic English Bible Study, not only to the two men from Myanmar, but open to anyone with limited English skills who wants to come.  


Wow! The church saw a need and stepped up to meet it, rearranging their plans and priorities for the summer. What an example of hospitality and of engaging in good deeds to meet the pressing needs of others.  


But that is what ESL ministries do. Like the apostle Philip, climbing into a chariot to help the Ethiopian traveler parse Isaiah, ESL volunteers answer the call wherever it takes them. Or, as the case may be, when it comes knocking at the door. 


Myanmar showed up on FBC Gonzales' doorstep . . . and the welcome it received gave proof it had arrived at the right place. 

"Guilt:  the gift that keeps on giving." Erma Bombeck

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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. In Spain, cojean del mismo pie is a way of saying they're two of a kind. The words literally mean:

a) they climb the same tree


b) they limp with the same foot


c) they smile with shared teeth


d) they sing off key together   

2. The word muscle comes from the Latin word for:  


a) little moon


b) little mouse


c) little mound


d) little moth 

3. The "official noisemaker" of World Cup 2014 was banned even before the tournament began, due to the potential hazard of fans hurling it onto the field. The doomed device, still selling like hotcakes in Brazil, is called a:


a) balalaika


b) vuvuzela


c) cimbalom


d) caxirola



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