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February 26, 2014
We joined Texans Care for Children . . .

Today we're joining with advocates, business leaders, and community leaders from across the state to discuss challenges faced by Texas children and potential solutions to improve their lives. We're in Austin attending the 2014 Children's Policy Conference and Founder's Award Luncheon.

Lester receiving the 2014 Phil Strickland Founder's Award from Chris Taylor, President, Texans Care for Children 
The conference is provided by Texans Care for Children, a nonprofit dedicated
to improving children's lives through better public policies. Texans Care for Children was founded by the late Phil Strickland in the 1980s, while he served as the director of the Christian Life Commission. Distressed by the practice of child advocates competing with one another for funding and services, Strickland brought the groups together and led them to speak with one powerful voice. "Imagine that things could be different, and courageously say so to the people," Strickland said.
Lester and Donna Meriwether
Today's event is especially meaningful to Literacy Connexus. Lester Meriwether has been named one of two recipients of the 2014 Phil Strickland Founder's Award. The Founder's Award is presented each year to individuals or organizations dedicated to improving outcomes for Texas families--a friend to children in our state, and a strong voice for better decisions.

Lester with Carolyn Strickland
We're proud of Lester and of all who have had a part in the important work of Literacy Connexus over the past 10 years. We're thankful for the recognition by Texans Care for Children; we come alongside them in striving toward a brighter future for Texas kids. We're deeply honored to join the celebration of Phil Strickland's life today, and we're inspired by his legacy.

Click here to read more about Texans Care for Children. Learn how you, too, can join the movement.
Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. A doodle sack is an old English word meaning a:


a) bagpipe


b) cow's udder


c) tobacco pouch


d) moth-infested grain sack  

2. An ESL instructor might define the word mountweazel to his or her students as:  


a) the state critter of West Virginia


b) the lowest geographic point of a defined area


c) any invented word or name


d) a military term for coward  

3. The word president is derived from the Latin prae - before and sedere - to sit. How many U.S. presidents attended college in Texas? 


a) None


b) One


c) Two


d) Three 

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