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January 2, 2014
Are you a planner?

If yes, this is just for you.  If not, please stay tuned anyway.


We're planning now for family reading fairs this year.  Literacy Connexus provides a cloth book bag to assist each family in carrying books home and to remind them about reading to young children.  We're about to place our order for spring.  How many will you need?

Wondering what a family reading fair looks like?  Dallas Baptist Association is sponsoring two events on Martin Luther King Day (January 20).  For more information, see the DBA website.  These are great opportunities to learn by doing in two communities.  Hope to see you there.


Is your church planning a mission trip over spring break?  Many churches have hosted family reading fairs along the Border during this time.  We partner with Baptist associations, Buckner, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and Texas Baptists to connect churches with families that lack home libraries.  Contact Literacy Connexus for assistance in planning your event for spring break, or any time.  And to reserve those book bags . . . 

Each week thousands of English language learners attend church-based classes.  Volunteer teachers for many of these ministries participate in TEX training (Teaching English with Excellence), sponsored by Literacy Connexus.  We also help plan and promote in-service trainings across the state.


Consider these opportunities:

  • The Metroplex Literacy Conference at Dallas Baptist University, March 1.

Now is also a good time to begin planning ways to bless your community through literacy.   Consider partnering with local schools and local food pantries.


Reply to this email for free copies of the poster Fifty Ways Your Church Can Bless Your Community Through Literacy.

Sat., Feb. 1, 2014 
8:30am - 5:00pm 
$25 (includes lunch)

for more information and to register 
Upcoming TEX Trainings . . .

Click on the blue links for training details and registration.

Basic ESL Training for New ESL Teachers of Adult Students:

Basic Pronunciation for New Teachers of All Levels of Adult ESL Students:

Teaching Higher Level (Intermediate & Advanced) Adult ESL Students:

Higher Level for New Teachers of All Levels of Adult ESL Students:

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. First-footing refers to a New Year's tradition in which:

a) friends visit one another's homes shortly after midnight in Scotland to share food and drink, and exchange small gifts

b) young men in Australia gather to play informal but cutthroat matches of Australian Rules Football to kick off the year

c) Walloon children in Belgium receive brand new knitted socks to start the year on the right foot

d) people in Italy reveal an embarrassing fact about themselves  to "put their foot in their mouth" for the first, and hopefully last, time all year 

2. The Scottish term auld lang syne refers to:

a) thoughts/feelings too sad to bear

b) thoughts/feelings to happy to contain

c) the long year ahead

d) times past; the good old days

3. Around the time of Epiphany, Jan. 6, the symbol 20+C+M+B+14 may be seen written in chalk above the doorway of Christian homes. The crosses represent Christ. The numbers represent the year 2014. The letters represent:

a) the words Christ, majestic, and blessed--signifying agreement with the worship of the magi

b) the traditional names of the three magi--Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar

c) the beginning of the Aramaic words meaning Christ was, is, and is to come

d) the Latin phrase Christus mansionem benedicat, meaning Christ bless the house 

Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  

These instructional links may help: 


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