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November 20, 2013
Where's Waelder?

You may need to Google Waelder.  I did.  Population 1065; it's a small town in Gonzales County.  Books arrived recently in Waelder from Houston by way of First Baptist Church of Conroe's Literacy First and from HEB.  Representative from churches in nearby Gonzalez hosted a family reading fair on Saturday, November 9, sharing books and bookcases with children and families.  Blenda and Tommy Wilson provided direction for this event.


All but one of the bookcases given out were made by Jim DeCola and son from First Baptist Church of Gonzales--the other by a volunteer at FBC McNeil.  They were painted by individuals from FBC Gonzales, students at Grace Academy, Memorial Heights Baptist, Gonzales, members of McNeil Baptist, Luling, youth at Flatonia Baptist, and a couple from Second Baptist, La Grange.  Three cheers for the team effort!


You may be wondering how books got to Waelder, too.  Some came from HEB's wonderful Read 3 program of sharing books with communities. Click on the Read 3 link to see great information about the HEB literacy project, which you may have seen in your local store.  HEB and Literacy Connexus  have collaborated in sharing books with children in Brownsville, Cleburne, Dallas, Eagle Pass,  Pharr and Waelder in the past several years.  Thank you, HEB!

But not all of the books came from HEB.  Many came from the Literacy Connexus Book Bank at First Baptist Conroe.  See Director Connie Anthony pictured below.


Many of these books were donated by Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston at a fundraiser hosted by Federico and Donna Salas-Isnardi.  The event was a celebration of International Book Day (April 23).  We waited to share news of the generous gift of 100 new children's books for two reasons:


1.      To be able to report on where the books ended up being shared with children.


2.      And, to illustrate Way #13 from our list of 50 Ways Your Church Can Bless Your Community Through Literacy:  Ask church members to donate books for children in need in place of gift-exchange Christmas parties.  Watch for next week's blog post for ideas about how to spice up your Christmas party!



Upcoming TEX Trainings . . .

Teaching English with Excellence (TEX) trainings are in the works for January and February 2014.

Click on Literacy Connexus Events for information on trainings in Dallas, Waco, San Antonio, and Round Rock. Once there, scroll down and click on the links provided for all the information you'll need.
Still available for the asking . . .

Stop by the Literacy Connexus office in Fort Worth for resources for your church's next Books for the Border and Beyond project.

Here's what we have to give:
  • Hundreds of new children's books in Spanish
  • 15 bookcases (unpainted)
  • Paint:
1 gal. zany pink

2 gal. bright yellow

1 gal. deep blue

  • Cloth book bags
  • A variety of new and used books  
  • "Big" books in Spanish and English for reading to children
  • 50 Ways Your Church Can Bless Your Community Through Literacy posters
  • A cup of coffee or tea


Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. In 1621, the Pilgrims (from the Latin peregrinus) of Plymouth, MA, celebrated Thanksgiving--about a year after arriving on the Mayflower. The population consisted of some who were seeking religious freedom, known as Separatists, and some who were seeking a new life, referred to as:

a) Scalawags

b) Seekers

c) Starters

d) Strangers  

2. Jugaron Como Nunca, Perdieron Como Siempre is a common sports-related phrase in Latin America: It means:

a) they lost the battle, but won the war

b) winners never quit, quitters never win

c) they came, they conquered

d) they played like never before, they lost as usual

3. Cryptophasia is a term for:

a) dementia-related vocabulary loss

b) code-breaking operations in the military

c) stuttering or stammering

d) the secret language shared by twins  

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