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October 9, 2013
I joined Literacy Connexus . . .

I grew up in Waterford, Michigan.  When I was 13 years old, I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior and two years later dedicated my life to the Lord.  On the wall of the sanctuary of our church was a quote by William Carey, "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God."  The Lord spoke to me through this quote and my life verse, Psalm 37:5, Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall direct your path.  I committed and trusted and what a blessing followed.


The Lord called me to be a missionary in New York City where I worked with juvenile delinquents for 18 years.  When planning activities with them, I prepared for Plan A, B, C, D, EFGHIJKLMNOP!  It was important to have a lesson plan and extra activities in case some didn't work. He then led me to New Mexico where he called me to serve Him by teaching English. At the time I attended the ESL workshop, my thoughts were that perhaps one day I would go to China on a mission trip and teach.  After 10 years of teaching ESL at the Baptist Neighborhood Center in Albuquerque, NM, the Lord directed me to San Angelo, Texas.

Advanced ESL Class, Southland Baptist Church 
Before I joined Southland Baptist Church, I told the Pastor of my passion to teach ESL.  He was in agreement and put me in charge of starting the ministry.  As director, I realized I needed to attend a workshop to help me know how to train my teachers.  Lester Meriwether contacted me and invited me to the TEX training.   Now, I am the TEX Trainer and Ministry Consultant for the Southwest area of Texas.
The Lord has also blessed me with two apprentices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  I am amazed how the Lord has led every step of the way.  I love teaching and being a director and trainer.  ESL is a wonderful ministry and my passion is that we can reach our students for the Lord and also train others to start ESL ministries in their churches.  Through Literacy Connexus and our TEX workshops all this is possible.  It is such a joy to see the participants in our TEX workshop enjoying learning how to teach English and then starting ESL ministries.
ESL Teachers, Southland Baptist Church 


The Lord is not only blessing my life being a part of Literacy Connexus, but is blessing my life through our ESL classes.  We have 20 new students in our ESL classes in San Angelo and new ones coming each week.  We have served 10 different countries.  I thought I would go to China one day, but the Lord has brought China and nine other countries to our classes. It is a joy to serve and see God working in lives.


Karen Peiser

Southland Baptist Church

San Angelo, TX 

TEX (Teaching English with Excellence) Upcoming Training . . .

Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. Liberia is a multilingual country with English the de facto official language. An old oral tradition is coming back--villagers coming together to discuss important matters and resolve disputes in :

a) jabber houses

b) cajolery councils

c) palaver huts

d) bull sessions  

2. De facto is a Latin expression that means "concerning fact." In law, it often means, "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law." It is commonly used in contrast to:

a) de jure

b) de integro

c) de fideli

d) de profundis

3. Majordomo, from the Spanish mayordomo, the obsolete Italian maiordomo, and the Medieval Latin major domus, can mean someone who runs an organization or a project. In the 1970s, Wilt Chamberlain filled such a role in Los Angeles. The organization Wilt's Wonder Women was:

a) an after-school basketball club

b) a cheerleader training camp

c) a track team

d) a fashion model agency


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