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June 19, 2013
We joined Agape Baptist Church . . .

College students Jasmyne Robles and Jessica Perez are creating a summer to remember for children in Cleburne, TX. When their church, Agape Baptist, accepted the opportunity to provide USDA breakfasts and lunches for 100 children a week, the two young women built an entire VBS-like program around the meals. 


Crazy Hair Day 

Imagine . . . VBS from eight to three every day for seven weeks, served up with breakfast, lunch, sports, reading, music, crafts, and Bible teaching. Forty children showed up the first day, and the numbers are growing, as word gets around.  


The two students designed a rotational schedule for four age groups of children. Julio Robles, Jasmyne's dad and pastor of Agape Baptist Church, teaches the Bible classes.  "Everyone knows what to do," Pastor Julio said. "They've been trained by Jessica and Jasmyne, and that includes 20-25 volunteers a day."  


Some of the desired outcomes of the program, according to Jessica, are to teach the children the Word of God, plant seeds, and encourage their parents to come to church. "The best thing," she said, "is seeing the smiles on the kids' faces--and their moms'."


Other churches in the community have come alongside the Agape Fun in the Son program. Some have forgone their own VBS programs to lend support--some providing volunteers; others offering to house volunteers from other communities.


In collaboration with H-E-B, Literacy Connexus has contributed books for the children to take home each week. Next month, we'll host an afternoon family reading fair providing bookcases, Bibles, and even more books.


"We thank the Lord for what He's doing," Pastor Julio said. "This is our pilot program. Next year we'll do it even bigger and greater."


Volunteer opportunity . . .

Fun in the Son is built on the strength of volunteers--from Agape Baptist and other churches.

More volunteers are needed to sustain the ministry as it grows over the next six weeks. Please consider serving for a stretch of two to five days.This is an opportunity for youth, college, and adult groups to make an impact on kids' lives that will last long beyond these hot summer days.

Contact Pastor Julio, [email protected] or
817-915-5094, for more information on individual or group
volunteer opportunities. Free accommodations are available, along with two meals a day.
San Francisco. . .


Thanks to all who supported our summer fundraising event for Literacy Connexus.  Running the first half of the San Francisco Marathon was a special event for me.  The weather was perfect.  The views were so spectacular. (Good thing I didn't bring a camera along.)



It ain't over 'til it's over . . .

Please squeeze in a few more votes before we cross the finish line for the Better World Books grant. Voting ends late Friday. A strong kick to the finish will strengthen our standing for that second grant.

          Books for the Border and Beyond Project

Thank you for bearing with us and for responding to our  repeated pleas for votes these past two weeks. Your enthusiastic show of support has energized this ministry.
Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor   

Trivia Challenge 
1. The word okra comes from the West African Ashanti word, nkruma. It is a mucilaginous green pod brought to the U.S. in the 1660s by slaves. In some countries, ground okra seeds are used as a substitute for:

a) chewing gum

b) diaper rash ointment

c) hair gel

d) coffee beans

2. ESL teachers help students to understand the difference between gerunds and present participles. Which of the following includes an example of a gerund:

a) John is swimming.

b) Mr. Smith is my swim teacher.

c) Swimming is fun.

d) Things are going swimmingly.

3. Today is Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the U.S. The roots of this celebration go back to June 19, 1865, in :

a) Charleston, S.C.

b) Atlanta, GA

c) Mobile,  AL

d) Galveston, TX 

Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  

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