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May 22, 2013
You joined . . .

Thank you for joining Literacy Connexus in providing books by the thousands to children whose homes lack books. You collected gently used books and found a way to get them to the Literacy Connexus office in Fort Worth, or you took them to the Border, or you gave them to children in your community.


You collected new children's books to mark the 60th birthday of a pastor who loves to read. Thank you, First Baptist Austin.  Those books went to Eagle Pass and were shared with children on the Kickapoo Indian Reservation.

Midland GAs
GAs of FBC Midland 

You collected books in response to a call from Texas Woman's Missionary Union. Thank you, many friends across Texas. Thank you, boys and girls who like to read, for sharing books with others who will have a better opportunity because of you. Thank you, Rylie First Baptist Church, GAs of First Baptist Midland--and so many more.


You provided a way for children to minister through book donations at VBS and summer camps. Thank you, Alliance United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Camp Copass RA and GA Camp, and others.

Book delivery
The books come in. 


Thank you, Marilyn and Paul Laurence of Western Hills Baptist Church.  You and other volunteers patiently sorted donated books to get them ready for distribution.  Without your help, boxes of books would just stack up. 


Thank you, Baylor students who sorted thousands of books last year in a Buckner warehouse in Mission, Texas.  Your gift of time has opened the door of reading to many families along the Border.


And they are sorted. 


Within the last two months more than a thousand donated books have gone to three elementary schools hit by budget cuts.  Fortress Ministry volunteers have carried books out saying, "I can't believe we can just take these books to share with others."

And they go out.


In and out, the books come and go.  It's a faith journey.  We don't count the books that come in.  We don't limit the books that go out.  In trying to describe the process, the name of a popular restaurant came to mind.  Its marketing department had some trademark issues with that, but they were kind enough to share some advice . . . and coupons for a hamburger dinner or two.


That's where we need your help, dear reader.  Keep sending the books.  Continue to share books with families in your community and with others who need them.  Western Hills Baptist Church is the official collecting point for Literacy Connexus.  But more sites are needed.  We are hoping that similar book depositories will be started this year in Conroe, West Texas, and San Antonio.  We're looking for a name other than Book Depository. What do you suggest?


In summary, more books are needed (by the thousands).  More collecting points are needed.  And we need your help in coming up with a descriptive name for these sites.   


Thanks for joining us.  Together we can do more.



The Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon . . .

In Texas, millions of adults lack the literacy skills needed to function at a level adequate to provide for themselves and their families.  Close on their heels are generations of children and youth at risk for failure in school and beyond.


On June 16, 2013, Lester will be close on the heels of thousands of other runners in the Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon. Every step will be a celebration of his love of life and literacy. It's his birthday!


Please join in our celebration with support to this ministry. Your $4/mile gift ($52) will pay for a beginning home library for one Texas family.


Help us realize our vision of A Library in Every Home one step at a time!

Volunteer-based literacy providers may apply 
now for reimbursement of expenses to attend the
Literacy Texas 2013 Conference. 
Contact Federico for an application. 
Lester Meriwether, Executive Director
4802 Highway 377 S., Suite 14
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Pam Moore, Editor 

Trivia Challenge 
1. Outside of physics,
quark is a common term in Germany. It is a:


a) miniature poodle


b) term for alien


c) chocolate spread served on toast for breakfast


d) soft, unripened cheese



2.  A la diabla refers to:


a) food cooked in a mole sauce


b) devil's food chocolate


c) food that is devilishly spicy


d) a style of cooking in Guadalupe, Mexico



3. Of the 600 American athletes in last year's London Olympics, about how many were foreign born?


a) 10


b) 25


c) 40


d) 55 




Problem accessing  the answers? Reply to this email and we'll shoot them your way.  

These instructional links may help: 


ESL Teachers
What are some of the challenges, problems, surprises, and joys you have experienced in the classroom?

Drop us a line and we'll share your thoughts here, in The ESL Edge.

We appreciate your ministry!