Trade Secret 53: This graphic is a powerful sales tool


Most clients don't take advantage of all the advertising they can wring out of their signs, and even veteran sign pros sometimes overlook a type of sign that can really pay off for a client. Here's a graphic you can download and use to help make sure these things don't happen.


Dan Mika, Buffalo, New York, first put it together to help his clients see the potential opportunities to use the advertising power of signs, which is proven to be the lowest cost advertising a business can use. Dan has written a lot in SignCraft about helping clients get the most advertising value out of their signs.


Click here to get the newly revised version of the graphic he uses to evaluate the best sign options for a business. You can use it when visiting a site, during sales meetings and on your website. It shows over 40 potential sign opportunities.


"This may be the best way to visualize the sign possibilities for a business," Dan says. "It quickly lets you and the client see signage and advertising 

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opportunities that might otherwise have been overlooked. That's our job as sign professionals-to help our clients get the most advertising value from their signs."


Besides helping your customer succeed and you to sell more signs, this approach moves you from an order-taker to a marketing consultant for your clients. Anyone can take an order, but when you help a client find new ways to bring in business, you build a relationship and a reputation. 


That goes a long way towards setting your sign business apart from the rest.


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Tom McIltrot, Editor


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