Trade Secret 50: Dealing with way too much copy


One of the challenges sign professionals face almost daily is dealing with excessive copy. Clients have a knack for wanting too much copy on almost any sign. 


Sometimes we can persuade them to cut some of it; other times we have to edit it with the layout so that most readers will get the essential message in the two to three seconds most have to view a sign.


Controlling the copy is an essential skill if you want to keep clients coming back because your signs "work." They probably won't be able to tell you why, but they will know that they do work. Ineffective signs are easily overlooked by today's overloaded, busy viewers.


So SignCraft asked veteran sign designer Bob Behounek to show how he would redesign typical signs we've seen along the road and share the tools he would use to make these signs more appealing and more effective.


Click here to learn what Bob would do to get the copy under control on the sign you see below.


We know nothing about how the sign originated--what the client insisted 

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Original sign layout

upon, how they controlled the layout, or how they limited the sign shop that produced the sign. Our goal is simply to give SignCraft readers skills they can use to create signs of higher value. 


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Tom McIltrot, Editor


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