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 A lot of small business owners overlook the opportunity to turn their whole storefront into a sign and make it a powerful ad for their business. You can wake them to the impact their storefront can have to boost their sales (and boost yours at the same time).

One simple way to do this is by using window graphics. Most commercial storefronts have large windows, and very often they go to waste from an advertising standpoint. Adding a band of graphics across those windows, designed to tie into the primary sign, can really transform a storefront.

Jocelin Snow [Snow Signs, Salinas, California] often uses this approach to give her clients' storefronts more visual muscle as she did for Belle Handbags. It's a great way to list products or services while stretching the effect of the primary sign. 


Click here to see great examples that you can use to inspire more window graphics sales of your own.

An even more powerful example is to treat the entire storefront as the sign as Sam


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Keddie [Sam Keddie Signs, Brisbane, Australia] did on the Telephone Wreckers storefront. 
Repainting the storefront and bumping the telephone graphic above the roofline makes the whole storefront the sign format. 
Take a look at Turn the Building into a Sign from a recent issue of SignCraft for more great ideas on that approach. Click here for more on selling storefront window graphics.  
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