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One of the most powerful things about a vinyl cutter or a digital printer is that by simply loading a different film, you can create a different product. Reflective graphics, t-shirt graphics, perforated window graphics, floor graphics--all these and more can be produced on the same piece of equipment.


The more products a sign shop can offer, the higher their sales volume and the higher their profits. Since most clients are unaware of the wide range of products a sign shop can provide them, often all you have to do is show them an example to make the sale.


Plenty of other sign shops are cashing in on this potential and increasing their sales without having to increase the number of customers they can find. 


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how Jocelin uses this approach. It's easy, it's profitable and it will help your clients.  

All you need to do is keep up on the available materials and how to best use them, then be ready to show the client the opportunities they may be missing out on.


Big retailers know how it pays off to take advantage of every chance to get their name in front of their customer's eyes. Why shouldn't small businesses use this same proven strategy?


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