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When I talked with Larry Elliott, Elliott Design, McLemoresville, TN, about the power of Mike Jackson's three-tiered pricing approach in the last Trade Secrets, he passed along some great insight into how he built his business over the past 45 years. He's in a tough market, too--a rural area where he serves a lot of small towns, and folks are generally conservative about graphics and budgets. 


"Telling someone how their sign can look is impossible," says Larry. "How many times have you had a potential customer say, 'I want a really nice sign for my new business....' Right away you start thinking, 'Wow, he's looking for a carved, gold-leafed beauty with ornamental posts....'

"Then reality hits you right between the eyes when they say, 'Just something with a white background and maybe red or black letters. And here's a sketch my kid's done. Can you make something like this?'" 


Click here to see how Larry has successfully turned many such prospects into great clients who got great value--and spent a little more in the process. 


"So, everyone's concept of a 'really nice sign' is different," says Larry. "It can range from 

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very simple to extravagant. It's up to you to show them the difference."
Larry has developed a simple process that any sign professional can use to help the client see what you can do for them--quickly and easily. It can make the difference between your business just getting by and turning a healthy profit for you.
Click here to see how he does it by using examples and up-selling them to a sign with more value and more appeal.

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