The power of before-and-after examples    |   Number 35

More contrast and an oval panel made this layout an easy sell.
One of the great sales tools for selling sign work are before-and-after examples of the same sign layout. What faster way to get the prospective client's confidence than to show a generic layout of their sign (or any sign) beside a drawing of what you would have produced?
Seeing is believing, and if you have the design skills, the prospect will likely think, "Hey, I've come to the right place..."
Click here to see more on how Lisa Freshler of Cherry Hill, North Carolina, has used this sales approach to boost sales.
Before-and-after examples also give you something to talk about other than price. If they just hand you their business card and say they want a price on
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Lisa's version was an easy sell over the red-on-white generic layout.
 a sign like that, there's not much else to say except, "I can do it on aluminum for x dollars...."
But often price becomes secondary when they see the difference you can make in their sign's effectiveness.
"If you are competing with shops who do generic layouts," says Lisa, "and you have before-and-after designs that show what can be done with the same copy, it's hard for them to compete with you."
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