City of Shaker Heights
Van Aken on Track


Watch for the first signs of a redeveloped Van Aken district when roadwork construction begins on Northfield Road and on Farnsleigh, where it meets Chagrin.

The Vision


A downtown Shaker Heights, in which streets are scaled to humans, not automobiles, and where enticing and unique shops, independent restaurants, and distinctive offices beckon people to walk, bike, ride the Rapid, work, and stay awhile. Envision green space for gatherings, an educational or arts anchor, and a sense of community that connects directly to our traditional neighborhoods.

Last up:  

Dominion East Ohio began gas line replacement in the district on November 4.


The vacant office building at 3550 Warrensville Center Road was demolished and the medical office building at 3377 Warrensville Center Road, at the corner of Farnsleigh, was recently sold. These properties will become part of district redevelopment parcels.


Tower East, the iconic office building that anchors the district, was nominated for inclusion on the National Registry of Historic Places.


Next up: 

On October 21, Cuyahoga County placed a bid advertisement for a construction company to reconfigure roadways in the district. Bids will be opened this month. County Council plans to award the bid in mid-January. Watch for construction to begin sometime around the beginning of March.


Pop Up Shaker, a fresh and innovative way to Shop Shaker, launches November 30 (see press release). Located in the Van Aken district and in partnership with two of its lively and popular businesses, Lucy's Sweet Surrender and Juma Gallery, the Pop Up will tickle a host of fancies this holiday season.



While we begin planning a public meeting to provide updates and to answer questions about the redevelopment project, take a look through our gallery of inspiration at Van Aken on Track. We're also cooking up a community event for next summer, designed to give you an experience of the new Van Aken district.
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