City of Shaker Heights
Van Aken on Track
May 2013
We know that many of you have been clamoring for more information about how the Van Aken District redevelopment is coming along.


Here's why we've been so quiet: It takes many months of not-especially-exciting work to make things happen in the public space.


We've been developing plans, submitting them, having them approved, complying with regulations, doing studies...


Most of that work is now complete and we want to start sharing the exciting benchmarks that will take us from vision to reality. 

The Vision


The Vision includes streets scaled to humans, not automobiles, to entice unique shops, independent restaurants, and offices into a District and beckon people to walk, bike, take the Rapid, and stay awhile.


Envision green space for gatherings, an educational, arts or civic anchor, and connectivity to our traditional neighborhoods and to our region by way of an iconic transit station.

Last Up: The City secured $18.5 million to reconfigure the roadway where Van Aken meets Chagrin.
Next Up: The roadway construction will be ready to bid in August with construction beginning early 2014.
Meanwhile: See what's been inspiring us at Van Aken on Track.
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