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November 2012
We've got big news to share: Innovation Network is celebrating its 20th year! We've also got new research, new podcasts, and new resources!
What's New?
New Research: State of Evaluation 2012
New Tear Sheets: Grantmaker Evaluation Tear Sheets
New Report: Strategic Learning
New Media: Videos, Podcasts, and More
New Resources: Additions to Point K
Social Media Extravaganza: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Celebrating 20 Years
New Research: State of Evaluation 2012
SOE 2012The State of Evaluation 2012 report is out! Findings from our survey of a national sample paint a fascinating picture of how U.S. nonprofits use evaluation!

Thanks to hundreds of nonprofit staff who completed the survey, we have a wealth of updated information about nonprofit evaluation capacity and practice, including:
  • 90% of organizations report evaluating their work (up from 85% in 2010)
  • 100% (!) of organizations reported using and communicating their evaluation findings
  • Budgeting for evaluation is still low. More than 70% of organizations are spending less than 5% of organizational budgets on evaluation
  • On average, evaluation-and its close relation, research, continue to be the lowest priorities (compared to fundraising, financial management, communications, etc.)
Want to read more? Visit www.stateofevaluation.org to download the report or follow the buzz on Twitter with the #SOE2012 hashtag.

New Tear Sheets: Grantmaker Evaluation Tear Sheets
Innovation Network developed these three introductory evaluation tear sheets as part of Building Nonprofit Capacity to Evaluate, Learn and Grow Impact, a workshop we presented in partnership with Grantmakers for Effective Organization's Scaling What Works initiative:
New Report: Strategic Learning
Based on our recent work with The Colorado Trust, former Innovation Network Director Ehren Reed prepared a strategic learning evaluation report in conjunction with Nancy Csuti, The Colorodo Trust's Director of Research, Evaluation, and Strategic Learning.

This report provides a dual set of insights from the perspectives of both grantmakers and independent evaluators on the role of learning and accountability in grant delivery and implementation.


New Media: Videos, Podcasts, and More
As part of our evaluation work, Innovation Network often conducts webinars and other online presentations. Whenever possible we try to make those available to the broader evaluation and nonprofit field.
  • New Podcast on Data Visualization: Johanna Morariu and Ann Emery were guest participants on a recent Story By Numbers podcast where they provided a user-friendly introduction to Data Visualization. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 online.
  • Information Visualization Throughout the Evaluation Lifecycle: Directors Johanna Morariu and Veena Pankaj conducted a 20-minute webinar about incorporating data and information visualization throughout the evaluation life cycle.
  • Picturing Your Data is Better Than 1,000 Numbers: Data Visualization Techniques for Social Change: This video features Johanna Morariu, Beth Kanter, and Brian Kennedy presenting a panel on data and information visualization at the 2012 Nonprofit Tech Conference.
  • Portfolio Evaluation vs. Grant Evaluation: In this webinar, Johanna Morariu and Ehren Reed discuss four levels of evaluation: grant-level, portfolio-level, foundation-level, and issue-level.
  • Lessons Community and Smaller Foundations can Learn from the Evaluation Practices of Large Foundations: Ever wonder what the rest of us can learn from the evaluation approaches of large foundations? In this webinar Johanna Morariu and Ehren Reed provide an overview of The Packard Foundation's The Standards, an example of a comprehensive strategy and evaluation handbook.   
New Resources: Additions to Point K
Did you know that Innovation Network's tools and resources have been available to anyone, anywhere, any time, at no cost since 1998?
More than 21,250 people worldwide use the Point K Learning Center. We've recently added resources to the Point K database, bringing the collection up to 334 items. Come check out the resources

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Celebrating 20 Years
As we celebrate Innovation Network's 20th year of supporting the social sector, we take this opportunity to reflect on the great evaluation strides the sector has made. We are proud to be a member of the social sector, and thankful to have supported so many of your evaluation efforts.

As always, if you have feedback or questions about innonet.org 
or the Point K Learning Center, don't hesitate to contact us.





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