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August 2011

We've got big news to share about recent goings-on at the Point K Learning Center--new research, new resources, social media updates, and personnel changes.
What's New?
New Research: 2011 White Paper Series
New Resources: 20 Additions to Point K
Social Media Extravaganza: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Fond Farewell: Simone Parrish Says Goodbye
New Research: 2011 White Paper Series
Lessons learned from Innovation Network's consulting practice form the backbone of our new white paper series. The first two items in the series are:

Participatory Analysis: Expanding Stakeholder Involvement in Evaluation. Veena Pankaj, Myia Welsh, and Laura Ostenso share techniques they have used to give evaluation participants a more active role in the review and analysis of their evaluation data. They also discuss the benefits and challenges of the participatory analysis process. Read the paper: Participatory Analysis (429KB .pdf)

Evaluation Capacity Building: Funder Initiatives to Strengthen Grantee Evaluation Capacity & Practice (248KB .pdf)  Myia Welsh and Johanna Morariu reflect on various strategies and techniques Innovation Network has used to build evaluation capacity among groups of grantees. The paper also offers recommendations for funders considering an evaluation capacity building initiative. Read the paper: Evaluation Capacity Building (248KB .pdf)

Learn more about Innovation Network's research at www.innonet.org/research.


New Resources: 20 Additions to Point K
We've added another 20 items to the searchable resources database at Point K, bringing the collection up to 311 items. In addition to the white papers mentioned above, new additions include:
  • A needs assessment that's a useful tool if you're considering an evaluation;   
  • A cheat sheet for assessing the strength of a theory of change; and   
  • A detailed guide to engaging stakeholders in the development of evaluation questions. 
Come check out the new offerings--all you need is your Point K login. Remember, you can rate and comment on the resources at Point K, as well as submit resources you find elsewhere that you think would be valuable to other Point K users.

Social Media Extravaganza
Fond Farewell
Simone Parrish, innonet.org's webmaster 2001-2011
After nearly ten years as your intrepid webmaster and guide to Point K, I am moving on. This Friday, August 26, will be my last day with Innovation Network. (Next week I start a new job at Johns Hopkins University.)

Point K users, fear not: You will still have access to free, cordial technical support, in the person of Isaac Morrison.

It has been my great pleasure to be of service to the thousands of people and organizations that have used Point K over the years, and I wish all of you the very best.


As always, if you have feedback or questions about innonet.org or the Point K Learning Center, don't hesitate to contact us.




Simone, in my own handwriting
Simone Parrish, Knowledge Manager & Webmaster
[until August 26]
sparrish [at] innonet [dot] org
202-728-0727 x 106

Isaac, in his own handwriting
Isaac Morrison, Associate
imorrison [at] innonet [dot] org
202-728-0727 x 108
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