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Purpose of Physical Therapy
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Purpose of Physical Therapy
By Marion Gilbert, R.P.T.

As Summer is nearing its end and Fall is arriving we are experiencing a great renewal in activity at Spring Hill. We are in full swing with new classes designed for patients and people in the community who are looking for a safe and skilled environment for their work out.
Increasing your physical capacity to stay in step with the demands of your life and the vitality to engage in new ventures or fine tune your current daily and athletic activities can make your life a lot easier.
Many of us seem to burn the candle at both ends as the demands of modern life require us to stay fit and awake in our minds almost all waking hours. This can take a toll over time and we allow our own fitness slide so easily. This will result in decreased core strength and deficient postures that prove to use a lot of energy to maintain.
The information age is taking us into more and more sedentary lifestyles and even the children going to school carrying heavy backpacks and being transported to school with decreased physical education hours is causing early faulty movement patterns and deficient postures that are creating wear and tear in the body earlier and earlier. This is becoming more what we see in our practice.
To wait until the body cannot take it anymore is not a wise decision. To invest into your future and healthy lifestyles is more and more important for all of us regardless of our current age.

At Spring Hill Physical Therapy we have created educational classes and movement classes guiding you to return to your life with lightness in your step and a greater capacity and efficiency of your physical health and wellbeing. 
We are committed to provide this service to our community for reasonable prices and smaller classes so you can take these new skills to a renewed and vibrant life.

Please, come and visit us either as a patient with a highly personal and highly qualified therapist or as a person looking to attend our wellness, Pilates-based fitness programs and educational prevention and wellbeing programs.
Visit our website at: www.springhillpt.com or call us at : (530)274-2320

Marion Gilbert, PT
Owner of Spring Hill Physical Therapy and Stillpoint Studios 
NMR: Not Your Typical Gym Workout
By Margaret "Mags" Yen Chuang Matthews, P.T. 

What makes PT exercises so different than strength training at the gym?

You might be able to bulk up with gym exercise which can help you get
bigger muscles.. You might also be able to lift a large amount of weight.  What bulking up doesn't do is retrain the nervous system to have better control of the muscles.  Many injuries occur because the muscles are working out-of-sync. The timing may be off between muscles, of certain muscle groups may not even fire at all.  This out of balance muscle pattern can stress the muscles, bones, nerves, and soft tissues. Even worse, if you have a sudden injury, sometimes the body shuts down
muscles because of inflammation and pain.  When the injury heals, the timing of muscles may not return to normal without specific exercise to retrain coordination.

That's where Physical Therapy comes in.  
Your therapist uses Neuro-Muscular Re-education, otherwise known as NMR, to improve your coordination between the brain and nervous system to communicate to the muscles.  Your therapist closely watches how you perform exercises to ensure the proper control, timing, and activation of muscle. They will also make sure you have good posture and form to train good habits when
you are at home.  It's not just doing some exercise, but how  you do them that make you feel better.  When we train the nervous system, we also train the reflexes, so your body will continue using this new control over your body without you even thinking about it.  

Of course with more practice with NMR exercises, the new pathway of communication becomes stronger.  When you do your Physical Therapy homework you are retraining your brain and your body to a pain-free pattern of movement. That's why it's so important to do your home program, so that your nervous system control over your body gets a reboot from the old pattern.

Together we can do it!

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Joan said..."Narayan and Alan's combined expertise helped so much. Although their approaches were different, they were complementary, and produced welcome results."

Patient Patty said..."So grateful to Melanie and Alan after suffering for years with a chronic condition. Their care and knowledge working with me has been the foundation for my progress. I am so glad we moved here, especially to find them."

Patient Julie said..."Classes and treatment sessions are so helpful in restoring me to perfect working order."
Our Mission
Spring Hill Physical Therapy contributes to community wellness by recognizing body, mind, and spirit in the people we treat.  Our highly skilled team facilitates the optimal health of each client, integrating traditional and complementary treatment methods in a welcoming and compassionate environment.

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