Volume 72
August 8, 2015
Asian Antiques on eBay This Week

NOTE:  eBay auctions are ending Sunday and through next weekend
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Nice quality Wanli Bowl 
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We found some  Good things this week..
Dear BidAmount - eBay users, 

 Some great listings this week, including some new sellers we've not featured before.

Check the items on the left hand side.  A GOOD late Ming bowl, nice Blanc de Chine Kwan yin as well as porcelains. 


 Thank you, 
Peter Combs

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 Ending Sunday and Throughout the Week. 
Fine 18th and 19th C. blue and white with over-glaze enamel porcelains
Chinese Scrolls, including several LARGE silk woven Kesi examples
A large sale of over 100 lots from paintings to porcelains, bronzes and carvings. 
Fine selection of 18th C. and 19th Export porcelain. 
19th C. Chinese Famille Rose porcelains
A fine selection of 18th and 19th C. porcelains and Yixing. Pitchers, bottle vases, tea sets. 
Good selection of Antiques Chinese vases
A great selection of Chinese Silver from the late 19th and early 20th C. 
18th and 19th C. Chinese Famille Rose, rare tea Pot
Ming and early Qing, as well as Silk, and good carved rock crystal.
18th and 19th C. Porcelains, fine Kangxi and Qianlong examples
A fine large auction of 17th and 18th porcelains including  Yen Yen  and fine bottle vases. 
19th C. Porcelains, and some very good snuff bottles
Yue Wares
Among the earliest workshops for green-glazed stonewares are those of the Yue region of Zhejiang province. Yuezhou is the historical name of the area around Shaoxing, south of Hangzhou Bay, where kilns have operated at least since early historic times (the Shang dynasty, circa 1600-circa 1050 BCE). In the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), the wares began to display a distinct style and identity. During the Six Dynasties period (220-589) the kilns' production was boosted in quality and quantity when all six southern dynasties chose nearby Nanjing as their capital. But in spite of its excellent quality, which had no match in China or anywhere else in the world, this ceramic ware-like all ceramics at that time-does not seem to have been regarded very highly for either its aesthetic or practical value and instead was used mainly for burial purposes. To read more Click Here
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Sincerely,  Peter

Peter Combs
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