Volume 62
May 30, 2015
Asian Antiques on eBay This Week

NOTE: Many very good eBay auctions are ending Sunday and Monday this week as well as additional sales later through Thursday and Friday. 
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"objet de vertu"
Silver, Paintings and Fine Decorative Antiques

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Many auctions ending Sunday and Monday
Tianqi, bronzes, silk, Chinese jewelry on eBay right now
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Some Items Closing Sunday and Monday more Later This Week. 
Dear BidAmount - eBay users, 

This week in addition to some good auction items from  Juice1499's , Kangxi 0219, Qing-Period we;ve found some new sellers. All well worth checking. 

 Thank you, 
Peter Combs

Our top picks for Asian Antiques on eBay this week
All items are from the EU, Great Britain, the USA. Remember to save this Watch list-NewsLetter for quick reference during the week.  
Ending Monday Night
ENDING  Monday June 1, Over 330 Chinese and Japanese porcelains and pottery, robes, bronzes, jades and jewelry
Fine 18th C. Carved Chinese panels, famille rose 18th and 19th C., Famille Verte Plaque, fine Beijing glass, 
Qing export fans, Chinese Jewelry silk work
Fine 18th and 19th C. blue and white , famille rose. 
Fine famille rose, blue and white and famille verte
Fine painted fan, Famille Rose figures, Cafe Au lait , blue and white sets. 18th to 19th C. porcelains..
Ming blue and white, fine large pair of crackle vases, good early Qing blue and white with Famille Rose export examples
A nice selection of Famille Rose an blue and white. Dating from the Ming to late Qing dynasty
18th to 19th C. Chinese blue and white and famille rose enamels
Fine 18th and 19th C. Chinese Blue and white and Famille Rose, Ming dynasty celadons, Song airs fur bowl , many item ending throughout the week.
Tea Dust Vase, bronzes, wide range of fine monochromes Song to Qing dynasty. Some marked examples. Check carefully.
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The Palace Workshops
Starting in 1691 through 1708, the Kangxi Emperor ordered the enlargement of the Imperial Household Department inside the Palace for artisans from around the country. The Palace Workshops would make highly detailed sets of drawing for the porcelain makers in Jingdezhen after being approved of by in many cases by Kangxi himself. On many occasions they would also provide carved wooden models for the potters to work from. 
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