Volume 55
April 11, 2015
Asian Antiques on eBay This Week

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Dear BidAmount - eBay users, 

We found quite a few things this week, many end between now and Monday evening. So take a look before they close ... 

Our top picks for Asian Antiques on eBay this week
This week an interesting number of listings from sellers in the EU, Great Britain and France as well as the USA, including a lot of good porcelains, some good silver and a number of bronzes. Several sellers are also offering paintings this week. 
Kangxi through 19th C. Qing Porcelains, over 60 Auction Lots
Nice selection of fine 18th and 19th C. porcelains
18th and 19th C. Freshly picked 18th & 19th C. Porcelains from the Netherlands
Wanli and Kangxi Porcelain
18th and 19th C. Blue and White Chinese porcelain
Famille Rose, monochromes, blue and white. 18th to 19th C. 
A large auction of 100 items, bronzes, carved jades, Chinese paintings, Japanese accouterments. 
Good Yixing, Chinese jewelry, rare cup and saucer. 
41 Auction Lots. A nice auction of monochromes, enamel wares, carved hard-stones, paintings
Fine 19th C. Famille rose, silver etc..
41 Auction Lots. 18th and 19th C. Famille Rose and Export Porcelains
53 Auction Lots. Famille Verte, Famille Rose, Cobalt Garden Stool
Chinese export paintings. 
Did you know that due to political upheavals Jingdezhen stopped producing porcelain around 1674 and didn't resume production until 1683 at the instruction of the 39 year old Kangxi Emperor.
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