Large Carved Jade Urn
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25 good Auction listings
over 40 Auction Lots
Good Book on YIXING Pottery
21 Auction Lots
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January 10, 2015

Volume 42

Announcement!! At Last

This week's note: 
 Terrific Snuff Bottles, Ming and Kangxi Porcelains and Bronzes, Silk Robes. Quite a few good jades and some very goo Kangxi and early Qinq examples...

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Fine examples of Kangxi and Qianlong  blue and white as well as enamel pieces...23 lots all very good  quality.

24 good Chinese auction lots

Yixing teapots, Jade, Cizhou Basin, Chinese silver...

Over 50 auction lots comprising Ming Longquan celadons, Kangx and Qianlong blue and white and fine enamel pieces. 

over 50 Auction lots

A Large selection of fine Qing Porcelains including inscribed and monochromes. 
Over 75 GOOD Auction Lots

A Large Selection of Fine Chinese porcelains, ranging from the MIng to late Qing dynasty including some fine export items. 

Fine Chinese Export Porcelains including good 18th C. examples, vases, fine tiles  and hanging jade lantern..... 

A nice auction grouping of Chinese Jades. including belt hooks (several), numerous garden stools, blue and white and other Chinese porcelains.

37 Auction lots

A nice grouping of Famille Rose and Famille Verte porcelains.

15 Auction lots

A French collection of some very good Chinese snuff bottles. Including rock crystal, cloisonne and a lot more..

20 fine snuff bottles

A good selection of Bronzes
late 17th and 18th C. Vases, monochromes, figurines.

Some nice 19th C. Chinese Famille Rose vases. BIG VASES

A nice small estate collection including a carved brush pot, fan, Thai Buddha and so forth..check it out.

47 Auction Lots

Some very nice 18th and 19th C. Famille enamel vases and plates...

13 Auction lots

Some nice 18th c. Chinese export porcelains...

14 Asian Auction lots

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