Volume 48, Issue #6, June 1, 2016
President's Message
By Will Benedict
Jersey Design
This month's message is written as your Clothing Coordinator. The SLOBC very wisely started producing jerseys in 1997. I say wisely because the jerseys have helped us raise money and more importantly produced rolling advertisements for our rides throughout California. You can see images of most of our past jerseys using the following two links.

Since becoming Clothing Coordinator in 2009, there have been 47 design alternatives generated by 13 members. Seven Wildflower and seven Lighthouse designs have been selected by vote of the membership. The number of alternatives has varied between two to six for each jersey. Designs that receive a significant number of votes have been offered again in subsequent years and some successful past jersey designs have been updated or redesigned and submitted.

The good news is that we have members who donate their time, ideas, creativity and art for our jerseys. The bad news is that we only have a few members involved and all of them are not able to create the art needed to implement their ideas.

As an example, this year a member introduced the idea of using Morro Rock on our jersey. Taking on the challenge, I looked at hundreds of Morro Rock photos and found a stunning image perfect for our use. After developing the design, I began communicating with the photographer concerning the use of the image. After the design was selected, I picked up the communication to finalize a use agreement. Unfortunately, our communications were less than ideal and it was only at this point that a usage fee was identified. I immediately involved the board in a discussion that resulted in a decision not to pay the fee but to use the second place design.

Three important concerns related to paying for art were expressed in board exchanges. They follow with my observations.

Setting a Precedent: It turns out that the club has paid for art at least two times in the past - current board members were not aware of this having occurred. Should paying for art be an option that the board can address on a case by case basis? When in the jersey design and selection process should paying for art be addressed?

Discouraging Members from Participating: We currently have very few members participating. Would having the option to pay for jersey art affect who would participate? It could offer members that have an idea but not the skills to realize it a means to achieve their goal. It might allow us to invite people from outside of the club to submit designs with the understanding that if their design was selected they would receive some monetary reward. Finally, because we vote on design proposals, all designs have an opportunity to be selected based on their merit.

Increasing Costs would Reduce Profits: Paying for art will increase costs. It may also produce designs that sell more jerseys. We have a clear history of the effect of jersey design on the number sold. Our strongest designs have conservatively increased sales by over 40 jerseys. As an example, if it cost an extra dollar per jersey and we sell 400 jerseys, we would only need to sell another 14 jerseys to cover the added expense.

What are your observations concerning the issue of paying for art on a case by case basis? What would be appropriate processes and guidelines? Your input would be very helpful. Please talk about this and communicate with Board members or send me an email (clothing-coordinator@slobc.org).
News, Notes & Events
Grab your hat, grab your steady, and amble over to the
1st Annual SLOBC Hoedown Potluck!

BUT:  The sheriff will run you out of town if you bring your own beer/wine!
This is NO LONGER a BYOB event, pardner!

What, cowboys don't wine?!?  What gives?

Due to insurance requirements, we are NOT ALLOWED to bring our own booze.  NO BYOB!   (Sadly, the event planners will have to confiscate and consume any sneaked in, home-supplied beverages!)  Instead, the club will bring wine/beer, and sell it at $2 per serving.  This is NOT to make a profit, it is due to insurance requirements of the venue.  So bring a few bucks for the barman, who will serve you in inimitable Dave-Abrecht style!  Yee-haw to that!!

Where:        Madonna Barn
                    261 Foothill Blvd., SLO

When:         Friday, June 3, 2016

Time:           5:30 till the cows come home!

REMINDER: No BYOB to this event!

Be prepared to rope 'em, ride 'em, and tap a toe!
Line dancing instruction courtesy of Carolyn Lemos - no experience required!
Non-stop Cowboy movie madness
Your ONLY chance to rope a Bicy-cow and bring home the bacon!

What should you cowpokes bring?
*A dish to share
*A few bucks for beverages (gold dust is an acceptable alternative)
*Your own mess kit (plate, knife, fork, spoon, glass if you hate plastique)
       *Tablecloths provided but decorate your own table to the theme
*The club provides water, coffee, tea.  Wine & beer for sale $2/serving  
(NO BYOB - See above "What, cowboys don't wine?!" for more info!)

Grub:  According to your last name, and label your grub's ingredients!

A - I        Main or side dish
H - R      Salad
S - Z       Dessert
San Luis Obispo Police Department
Traffic Violation Reporting Program
by Dave Abrecht

A traffic violation captured on Lea Brooks' handlebar camera
With concern for th
eir safety, cyclists have begun to use cell phone cameras and "Go-Pro" type video cameras to record the actions of motorists around them. Often, the cameras capture Vehicle Code violations that result in near collisions, as well as the vehicle description and license plate number.The question is what to do with these digital images other than posting them on social media with a comment.

Lea Brooks, the Chair of the Bike SLO County Advocacy Team, and I met with the City of San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell and members of her staff to talk about creating a system that would allow cyclists to report Vehicle Code violations to the police utilizing the digital images from their devices.  This information could lead to a criminal complaint assuming all of the necessary information is available. If a criminal complaint cannot be obtained, the San Luis Obispo Police Department is open to sending a letter to the registered owner of the offending vehicle, advising him/her of the driver's unlawful behavior and urging safe and responsible driving habits.

If you use a phone or video camera while riding your bike and record a motorist committing a vehicle code violation that endangers you or others on the roadway, you may submit this information to the San Luis Obispo Police Department using the steps listed below. It is important to note that the violation must occur within the City of San Luis Obispo.

1. Edit, save and download the segment of video to a commonly used video format (there are many) showing the violation, license plate number and vehicle type. Or save screenshots of the video with these images as a .jpg file on your computer or phone.

2. Email the file, along with your description of the incident, to me at daveabrecht@me.com (Shortly, the Police Department will establish a way for the file to be emailed directly to them.)

3. I will submit your email and file to the SLOPD Traffic Supervisor who will review the file and send an appropriate letter to the registered owner of the vehicle.

If this project works as planned, SLOPD Chief Cantrell is willing to share this program with the other law enforcement agencies in our county as well as the local California Highway Patrol offices. "Thank you" to Chief Cantrell and her staff for their willingness to try some new ideas on behalf of cycling safety in the City of San Luis Obispo. Please remember that this is a work in progress; your comments and suggestions are encouraged. 
Volunteer of the Month
By Pam Zirion
John Hedgepeth
Our Volunteer honored this June is John Hedgepeth. John has been a member of SLOBC since 2003. He often rides with the SLO Velo group which does 50+ miles on Saturdays. On Sundays he rides with a group that starts from Andreini's in AG. 

John moved to the Central Coast from Washington state in 1998 and joined the club shortly thereafter. John likes being a member of the club because of the rides and "the discounts to the bike shops". He enjoys the Club's century rides and working as course marshal for the Lighthouse. Additionally he has also been a course marshal during the Tour of California rides.

John is an Environmental Biologist and does environmental surveying of aquatic plants in our area. He often dives to obtain samples of eel grass and other plants to assess water temperature and quality on the them. In Washington state he did research with an echo sounder and developed imaging software which he utilized in Florida.

Not only does John cycle, but he also likes surfing, kayaking and hiking. He took a trip to New Zealand recently where he kayaked and hiked in the Tauranga region on the North Island. So as you can tell, John enjoys the out of doors. 

Thank you, John, for "stepping up" and being our SLOBC Volunteer of the Month.

If you know of someone who volunteers and you would like to suggest they be acknowledged, send his/her name to Kathleeen McHugh at  elcolejr@gmail.com along with a brief explanation of why you feel they should be recognized by SLOBC.
Safety Director's Report
By Kenneth Price
Group Rides and Stop Signs
A recent discussion with a club member about group rides and stop signs prompts this month's message. The issue of how to deal with stop signs while on a club ride has been one of the most important and troubling issues for me since becoming the club Safety Director.

The best place to start this discussion is with what the California Vehicle Code requires and what our club's Safe Cycling Best Practices suggest. Bicycles are considered vehicles on our roadways and cyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road. Each rider in a group of riders is expected to stop and then proceed in an orderly fashion, especially if there are other vehicles and bicycles lined up at the intersection. 

Some drivers will wave a group of cyclists through an intersection. Be cautious; other drivers at the intersection may not be aware of that gesture and proceed. This issue also points out the need to communicate to your fellow group riders the actions you are taking. As you approach a stop sign and plan to slow and stop, tell the riders around you what you are doing.    

Ride leaders should discuss this issue with riders prior to a ride and discourage a group of riders from simply following the lead rider through the intersection. This practice is both illegal and discourteous toward other motorists/cyclists on the roadway.  

One of the practices that helps to keep cyclists safe on the roadway is being predictable. With a motor vehicle, drivers expect other drivers to stop and then alternately proceed when it is their turn. "Driving" a bike is no different. Be predictable and use common sense and courtesy.
Changing Weekly Rides
The Ride Calendar provides the full weekly ride schedule.
Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)
Coordinator: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903

Date: June 1
Start: Amtrak Station, Grover Beach
Leader: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903
Start Time: 7:00 AM

Date: June 8
Start: Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach
Leader: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903

Date: June 15
Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo
Leader: Doug Seidewitz
Phone: 410-337-2233

Date: June 22
Start: Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero
Leader: Norm Smith
Phone: 914-388-7198

Date: June 29
Start: Bob Jones Bike Trail, Ontario Road
Leader: Steve Vines
Phone: 805-202-8114

Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2)
Coordinator: Frank Mullin
Phone: 805-602-2058

Date: June 1
Start: Islay Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Arroyo Grande Village
Note: Orcutt, Lopez, Corbett Cyn
Leader: Randal Husk
Phone: 408-858-1880
Date: June 8
Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Montana de Oro
Note: About 36 miles
Leader: Arlene Winn
Phone: 805-781-9466
Date: June 15
Start: Islay Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Arroyo Grande Village
Leader: Judy Kelling
Email: noexcusesjudy@gmail.com
Date: June 22
Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande
Destination: Willow Deli
Note: Rim Rock, Mehlschau and Mesa
Leader: Frank Mullin
Email: frankmullin@charter.net
Date: June 29
StartMorro Bay State Park Marina
Destination: Cayucos Coffee            
Note: Tour of Morro Bay and up Old Creek to Whale Rock.
Leader: Dave Abrecht
Phone: 805-801-9211
SLO Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)
Coordinator: June Kramer
Phone: 425-239-8692 

Date: June 1
Start: Shamel Park, Cambria 
Destination: Piedras Blancas Lighthouse 
Note: Coffee at the elephant seals' upper parking lot 
Leaders: Hans & Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: June 8
Start: Throop Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Blackhorse Coffee on Foothill 
Note: The Bat Cave ride
Leaders: Stu & Janie Goldenberg
Phone: 805-235-2149

Date: June 15 
Start: Phil's: 1956 Ocean Blvd, Shell Beach
Destination: Hula Hut, Avila Beach
Note: Lunch hosted by Phil and Susan 
Leader: Phil Middleton
Phone: 805-540-9980

Date: June 22  
Start: Lila Keiser Park, Morro Bay
Destination: Pieman Bakery & Bistro, Cayucos
Note: Toro and Cayucos Creeks
Leaders: Hans & Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: June 29
Start: Nipomo Regional Park, Nipomo 
Destination: Coffee stop TBD  
Note: Blueberry scones at coffee
Leader: Kari Jones
Phone: 209-598-0316
Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1)
Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg
Phone: 805-544-4720

Date: June 3
Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Around SLO
Leaders: Stu & Janie Goldenberg

Date: June 10
StartFood-4-Less, San Luis Obispo
Destination:  Hula Hut, Avila
Leader: Bob Tuman

Date: June 17
StartThroop Park, San Luis Obispo
Note: Loop including Cuesta College
Leader: Sharyl Overholser

Date: June 24
Start: Fin's Parking Lot, Grover Beach
Destination: East - Beyond Arroyo Grande
Leader: Kathy Steele
Phone: 805-709-0323
Wandering With Will (9:00 AM, B3)
One Saturday Each Month
Coordinator: Will Benedict
Email: willbenedict@me.com
Phone: 805-441-4105 

Date: June 4
Start: Shamel Park, Cambria
Route: Ragged Point
Note: Lunch After

Upcoming Program
By Barry Rands, Programs Coordinator
June Potluck and Hoedown

Bring your own place setting and a dish to share according to your last name:

A - I        Main or side dish
H - R      Salad
S - Z       Dessert

Do not bring alcoholic beverages. SLOBC will be serving beer and wine at a low cost.
Date: Friday, June 3, 2016
Time: 5:30 p.m.
261 West Foothill Blvd.
San Luis Obispo, CA

The Date, Time and Location of 
SLOBC meetings can be found
on our 
Events Calendar webpage. 
SLOBC Board Meeting Minutes
By Gary Havas, Secretary
Air Pollution Control District Auditorium
3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo CA
Monday, May 2, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order at 5:05:03 pm.

Board Members Present: Will Benedict, Dave Abrecht, Gary Havas, Larry Rutter, Susan McTaggart, Dale Sutliff, Ken Price, and Barry Rands. 

Minutes from the February Board Meeting were approved (MSC Rutter/Price).


Will Benedict noted that the next Board Meeting is WEDNESDAY, June 1, and at the APCD, at the usual 5:00 pm time.

Will Benedict noted that the new Nominating Committee consisting of past presidents has been enthusiastically accepted by its potential members and Frank Mullin has taken the lead in its organization.

Dale Sutliff presented the final tally for the Avila Beach Bike Corral, noting that with significant sponsorship, project costs were $411.50 less than donations. Discussion ensued about what might become of this remainder resulting in a motion to add the $411.50 to the Capital Projects account (MSC Abrecht/Price).

2016 Wildflower Ride Chair Havas recounted a few highlights, indicating the general feeling of successes achieved. Ken Price offered his SLO County connection for next year's roadway improvements, especially with new routes planned. Will Benedict addressed some points about the Volunteer Banquet, noting the large no-show numbers. General discussion pointed to the necessity of more reminders to those promising attendance.

Pam Link's automobile was damaged during the cleanup process. Motion was made for the SLOBC to pay for repairs (MSC Rutter/Price).

Will Benedict indicated that the Club should donate $6000 to the Creston Volunteer Firefighters' Association based on the final number of registered participants (1200 riders at $5 per rider). 

Payment of $600 to SLO Mama Sweets (ice cream vendor at the Wildflower) was discussed and a motion to make the payment was made (MSC Rutter/Abrecht).

An extended discussion ensued concerning vendors at Lighthouse and Wildflower events. The value of vendors, the advisability of paying vendors and the role of vendors in our events was discussed. Further investigation will be undertaken to aid the board in developing vendor guidelines.

2017 Wildflower change in traditional dates. Will Benedict offered background and survey analysis that indicates a change in date will be favorable. Possible conflicts were  identified and discussed. Motion to reschedule the ride date to April 8, 2017 (MSC Rutter/Price).

Lighthouse t-shirts: Will Benedict offered that further simplicity might be achieved if only short-sleeved t-shirts were offered across the board to participants and volunteers alike. Consensus was that offering long and short sleeve t-shirts to volunteers and only short sleeve t-shirts to riders as experimented with for the Wildflower should continue.

Auditor Position: A proposal by Frank Mullin that an SLOBC volunteer position of Auditor be established. Over the past few years Craig Armstrong has conducted an independent audit of club books to ensure their accuracy. This very valuable contribution and role should be recognized by making the job an official position. After discussion, Will Benedict volunteered to talk with Craig about the nature of the job and the issue will be addressed at the next board meeting.

General Meeting Date and Time: Susan McTaggart recounted that in a Club survey, members indicated differing preferences in meeting places and times.  To honor that, she suggested experimenting with different venues and schedules, and events. Will Benedict requested that such schedules be settled and presented to him before October  1, 2016. Susan also mentioned the historic picnic at Biddle Park, hoping to resurrect the event. At this point, a hush settled on the meeting. Barry Rands broke the silence by agreeing to query the Goldenbergs for their suggestions.

Larry Rutter closed the meeting with a presentation of what to do about uncollected membership cards. Final disposition: he will bring them to the meetings and a reminder to collect will be made.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:34:55 pm. (Yes, 45 seconds later than last time.)

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