Volume 48, Issue #5, May 1, 2016
President's Message
By Will Benedict
SLOBC Nominating Committee & Volunteering
Traditionally, the immediate past President of the SLOBC had been given the task of developing a slate of officers and Board members each year. With the changes in the bylaws voted on by the membership last fall, a new process needed to be developed. During the Board's discussion of how best to proceed, Larry Rutter made the observation that the wisdom and experience of our past presidents was a resource that we should take advantage of in formulating our new policy. Based on our discussion, Dave Abrecht contacted many past presidents for their input and drafted a proposal that was voted on by the Board. The exact policy can be found in the minutes of the April Board meeting published in this issue of the SLO Coaster.

The new policy gives the SLOBC Nominating Committee the responsibility for developing a slate of officers for the club's annual election in November. All active past presidents of the club will be invited to join the committee. The past presidents have already begun to organize themselves to be ready by August when current Board members communicate their interest in staying on or stepping down from the Board. I am excited about this new policy because it engages knowledgable people distributed throughout our club in the process.

Many of you volunteer for our two century rides. This is the first level at which I began giving back to a club that has given me so much. Being on a Wildflower or Lighthouse team lead to becoming a team captain and then to the board. At each level I found people willing to offer their support and assistance to help me succeed in each job. If you have ever considered being a captain or serving on the board or taking on one the many other leadership opportunities within the club, I would encourage you to volunteer. Each job I have taken on has been a great experience for me. I learned things, met great people and felt like a made a difference.
News, Notes & Events

Wildflower Pre-Ride
Photos by Robin Dery


Club-Wide Tour of California Ride  
Wednesday May 18th
By Dave Abrecht

The Frequent Feeders Ride Group invites all members to a club-wide "all-levels" ride in conjunction with the Tour of California Stage 4 start in Morro Bay. The Tour peloton will leave Morro Rock at 10 a.m., loop through Morro Bay and then head north on Highway 1.

We have established a coffee stop / viewing spot on Highway 1 just north of the Harmony Headlands State Park parking lot. Ride to the location, enjoy coffee and snacks (to be provided by the SLOBC) and then cheer on the peleton and its supporting entourage as they ride north to Monterey.

Two group ride start locations have been established, Morro Bay State Park Marina and Lila Keiser Park in Morro Bay. Route slips will be provided at the start locations.

North County and Cambria members are most welcome to join these group starts or can start from home or any location in between. To avoid potential road closures and congestion, plan to be at the Harmony Headlands location before 10:30 AM.

Morro Bay State Park Marina Start - Dale Sutliff has agree to lead this group ride through Morro Bay, past Morro Rock and then north to the Harmony Headlands location. Total mileage is approximately 32 miles. To avoid congestion and potential road closures, this ride will leave the marina at 8:15 AM

Lila Keiser Park Start -  Hans and Patricia Boerst will lead this group from the park out to Highway 1 and north to the Harmony Headlands location. Total mileage is approximately 25 miles. This ride will leave the park at 9 AM.

Anyone who plans to join us, please, please, please send a quick e-mail or text to Dave Albrecht at daveabrecht@me.com  or call 805-801-9211 so we can have plentiful coffee and snacks.

Questions? Feel free to call or e-mail Dave.
Saddle up for the first-ever
SLOBC Potluck Hoedown!

Where:  Madonna Barn
              261 Foothill Blvd.
              San Luis Obispo

When:  Friday, June 3, 2016

Time:  5:30 till the cows come home!

Grub:  According to your last name, pardner:
A - I        Main or side dish
H - R      Salad
S - Z       Dessert

BYOB&P:  Bring your own beverage and place settings. The club will provide water, coffee, tea and merriment.  

No spurs required. (Whew - that's a relief!)
Avila Beach Bicycle Corral Dedication

The SLOBC teamed up with community and business partners to plan and install a bicycle corral in "downtown" Avila Beach.  The corral began as a memorial to Yellowjackets Ride founder Ben Patrick who passed away last year.  The project grew from a single bike rack to a bicycle corral and is now dedicated to the memories of Ben, Past President Bruce Collier and member Richard Fox.

The bicycle corral will park 21 bicycles and will help to keep bicycles from being parked on sidewalks, against buildings, and in pedestrian walkways along Front Street in Avila Beach. The racks previously installed in the area by the County of San Luis Obispo were refurbished and reinstalled nearby, bringing the total number of bike parking spaces to 27.

Our Bicycle Advocate, Dale Sutliff, and member John Semon deserve the credit for bringing this project to its successful conclusion.
Volunteer of the Month
By Pam Ziron
Joan Petersen
Our Volunteer of the Month for May is Joan Petersen. Joan is a well-known personage of the club and has been a member for 22 years! She was nominated by Debbie Abrecht because Joan "steps up always" when a job needs to be filled.

Over the years Joan has done Food Ordering (for 6 years), Clothing Sales and Bagging, Chaired the Brunch, and worked Registration on both the Wildflower and Lighthouse rides. She also has been on many special committees and this year is working on the June Potluck. She already helped with last December's Potluck and the successful Chili Cookoff. Joan was President of SLOBC for two years as well and having the distinction of being one of three women Presidents so far!! Way to go, Joan!

Joan loves to ride her bike, and in 2015, earned an award from the Club for logging 100,000 miles from 2000-2015. In addition to Wild and Wacky Women Rides that included riding Nacimiento Ferguson Road, she rode cross-country with a touring company in '03, beginning the ride by dipping her back wheel in the Pacific in Manhattan Beach, and two months later dipping the front wheel in the Atlantic at Revere Beach in Boston. 

As you can tell, biking is a passion for Joan. She says she has "met a lot of great people through the Club", and she enjoys socializing through volunteering and riding with like-minded energetic people. Joan is an inspiration to others as she doesn't quit; she keeps on cranking one pedal at a time. 

Volunteers are chosen at random by your nominations. If you would like to recognize a great volunteer, send an email to Kathleen McHugh at elcolejr@gmail.com and tell us the reason for your choice.
Advocate's Report
By Dale Sutliff
A Statewide Bike and Pedestrian Plan is in the Works

Caltrans will be conducting forums for the development of the first California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CSBPP). SLOBC input into this plan is very important. I would like to count on our members to supply vital information towards the plan formulation.

A regional forum is scheduled for the Central Coast on May 5th in San Luis Obispo from 4:00-5:30 p.m. at the City/County Library. Unfortunately, space is limited. Selected organizations, including SLOBC, have been invited to attend. You may send me any questions, or comments you want shared at the forum and I will see that they get communicated. I encourage you to complete the survey available for plan input. It will take only a few minutes of your time. Here is the link to the project website for complete plan information, and where you can click on Survey to give your responses: www.cabikepedplan.org

The forums will focus on the framework for the plan, along with allowing discussions with technical experts. As stakeholders, we can provide input on the goals, objectives, and strategies for the CSBPP. I encourage you to visit the project Fact Sheet on the web site to get a sense of the scope of the project.

Most importantly, for now, I encourage you to take the survey mentioned above, and available on the CSBPP website. Get yourself excited to be a participant in this important process. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at dalesutliff@me.com.
Changing Weekly Rides
The Ride Calendar provides the full weekly ride schedule.
Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)
Coordinator: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903

Date: May 4
Start: Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach
Leader: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903

Date: May 11
Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande
Leader: Terry Cohen
Phone: 805-747-4584

Date: May 18
Start: Charlie's House, Atascadero
Leader: Charles Capobianco
Phone: 518-653-2595

Date: May 25
Start: Bob Jones Bike Trail, Ontario Road
Leader: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903
Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2)
Coordinator: Frank Mullin
Phone: 805-602-2058

Date:  May 4
Start: Santa Margarita Community Park, SM
Destination: Starbucks, Atascadero
Note: Around the Mud Hole (Atascadero)
Leader: Dale Sutliff
Email: dalesutliff@me.com
Date:  May 11
Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Red Dirt Coffee Shop, AG
Leader: Harvey Cohon
Phone: 805-241-2982
Date:  May 18
Start: Morro Bay State Park Marina (8:15) or Lila Keiser Park in Morro Bay (9:00)
Destination: Tour of California viewing spot just north of Harmony Headlands State Park 
Note: See Club-Wide Tour of California Ride article under News, Notes & Events
Leader: Dave Abrecht
Phone: 805-801-9211
Email: davebrecht@me.com
Date:  May 25
Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo
Note: Dave's Birthday Ride.
Destination: Dave's house for refreshments
Leader: Dave Williams
Email: davew805@gmail.com
SLO Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)
Coordinator: June Kramer
Phone: 425-239-8692 

Date: May 4
Start: Hardie Park, Cayucos
Destination: Linn's, Cambria
Leaders: Hans and Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: May 11
Start: Sinsheimer Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: The Bat Cave
Note: Ride the perimeter of SLO
Leaders: Stu and Janie Goldenberg
Phone: 805-235-2149

Date: May 18
Start: Lila Kaiser Park, Morro Bay
Destination: Tour of California viewing spot just north of Harmony Headlands State Park
Note: See Club-Wide Tour of California Ride article under News, Notes & Events
Leaders: Hans & Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: May 25
Start: Woods Humane Society, SLO
Destination: Blackhorse on Foothill for coffee
Note: Longer ride option; optional tour of Woods after ride
Leader: Val Barboza
Phone: 805-264-5901
Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1)
Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg
Phone: 805-544-4720

Date: May 6
Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Ride over new LOVR bridge, coffee at Nautical Bean
Leader: Kate Murray
Phone: 858-395-3001

Date: May 13
Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: McMansions (Twin Creeks)
Leader: Bob Tuman
Phone: 805-545-5976

Date: May 20
Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos
Destination: Tour of Los Osos
Leaders:  Hans & Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: May 27
Start: Tidelands Park, Morro Bay
Note: Tour of Morro Bay
Leader: Sharyl Overholser
Phone: 805-439-0772

Wandering With Will (9:00 AM, B3)

One Saturday Each Month

Coordinator: Will Benedict
Email: willbenedict@me.com
Phone: 805-441-4105 


Date: Saturday, May 7th

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Route: Hi Mountain

Note: Lunch After

Upcoming Program
By Barry Rands, Programs Coordinator
Tandem and Tulip Tour
with Stu and Janie Goldenberg

About two years ago we were included in a cycling adventure in Northern California with a number of other SLOBC members.  We decided that being that far north, we would continue further north for another couple of weeks to see some of the North Pacific area and do some cycling up there.  We saw the tulip fields of the Willamette Valley and Skagit Valley, we cycled areas of the Olympic Peninsula and Lopez Island, and attended a wedding renewal ceremony in Portland.  Come along for the ride - we had our tandem, luggage, and us, all inside our Prius ... certainly we can fit you in too.
Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: SLO City/County Library
995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo

The Date, Time and Location of 
SLOBC meetings can be found
on our 
Events Calendar webpage. 
SLOBC Board Meeting Minutes
By Gary Havas, Secretary
Air Pollution Control District Auditorium
3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo CA
December 1, 2015, 5:00 PM

Meeting was called to order at 5:00:00 pm.

Roll call showed: Will Benedict, Dave Abrecht, Gary Havas, Bill Martin, Larry Rutter, Susan McTaggart, Dale Sutliff, Harvey Cohon, and Ken Price. Barry Rands absent.

Minutes from the February Board Meeting were approved. Dave Abrecht/Susan McTaggart. All in favor.

Treasurer Bill Martin provided a handout of the audit performed by Club member Craig Armstrong. He then reviewed and explained the seven items. The Treasurer's Report included a warning that indicated probable operations at a loss until the Lighthouse Century in the Fall.

President Will Benedict noted that a meeting date change would be necessary as the APCD venue was unavailable on two regular dates in May and June. Meetings were rescheduled for May 2, and June 1, and at the APCD, at the usual time.

Discussion of the Pre-ride began with a query from Susan McTaggart as to the budget per rider. Harvey Cohon, Pre-ride co-captain indicated $15 was planned. Also discussed were the routes planned and a survey to be sent to participants so that reaction to the new routes might assist in planning for 2017 Wildflower.


Nominating Committee Policy. New policy drafted was passed with a motion. Dale Sutliff/Larry Rutter. All in favor.

"1.9 The Nominating Committee is responsible for the development of a slate of officers for the club's annual election in December. The Nominating Committee consists of the active past presidents of the club. The committee will appoint a chair. The current club vice-president will serve as Board liaison to the committee."

BYOB (bring your own beer). President Will Benedict offered background on the issue of Club events where Club members were allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages and the insurance issues this practice brings up. Discussion of the social benefits of BYOB arrived at supporting the expense of this practice at the Madonna Barn for the June Potluck as an experiment, with more discussion subsequently.

Safety Card. President Will Benedict created a safety sheet for handing out at the Century rides. Board member discussions arrived at reducing the size of the sheet and the amount of information thereon to what would fit on a folded business card.

Instagram Contest. PRB provided background on the idea that Instagram might be used to capitalize on users' images to promote the Century rides. The Board agreed to support this plan.

Membership Communication. Further discussion on this issue pointed out that each avenue of communication had a specific purpose, and that overuse of any one might be counterproductive.

Century Partners. Background offered that collaborations with organizations outside the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club need definition and refinement. Discussions confirmed this. Generally, the words "partner" and "partnerships" might not be appropriate and might offer the impression of legal entanglements inappropriate for current Club policies and feelings. PRB requested Board members review his webpage production and offer comments and ideas for improvement.

Club Organization/Climate/Policies. Some discussion ensued identifying select issues, and the general plan is to continue further discussions until after the 2016 Wildflower Century had concluded.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:34:10 pm.
Stopping in Shandon on the pre-ride. Photo courtesy of Judy Kelling.

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