Volume 48, Issue #2, February 1, 2016
President's Message
By Will Benedict
Monthly Meetings
Over the past couple of months, club members have been provided opportunities to offer their suggestions for improving our club. A series of surveys culminating in discussions at the January General Meeting have identified many ideas. I want to thank everyone that contributed. The Board has begun the process of analyzing and implementing your suggestions as manifest in the upcoming February Chili Cook-Off meeting. Your involvement in helping implementing changes and providing feedback during the process will be needed.

Because many of you provided suggestions concerning our monthly meetings, I thought I would provide some background relative to your suggestions concerning our meeting location, day and structure.

One of the President's responsibilities is to schedule facilities for the general monthly meetings. Over the past several years, SLO Parks & Recreation has permitted us to schedule a year in advance. Therefore, this past October, a request for use of the SLO County Library Community Room for 2016 was submitted and scheduled. This gives us a base of operation. It does not mean we cannot cancel or make changes if other days or facilities are available. For example, the Library Community Room is not available in March on Wednesday but the Ludwick Community Center is available in March on both Wednesday and Thursday.

For your information:
The cost of the SLO County Library Community Room is about $100 per meeting.
The cost of the Ludwick Community Center for the Chili Cook-Off is about $300.
The cost of facilities for Potlucks range between $500 and $1000.

Suggestions have been made that our meetings not conflict with Farmers Market in SLO, vary in location within the county and be in facilities that exhibit more intimate physical qualities. For these types of changes to be made, we need your help in identifying possible facilities. If you have an idea, visit the facility and ascertain its availability, capacity and cost for one of our monthly meetings, and then let me know. This would be an enormous help in addressing the issue.

Our bylaws require one annual business meeting of the general membership during December to elect officers and conduct other business as needed. In addition, special business meetings of the general membership may be called but require written notice that includes the purpose and agenda for the meeting. Based on our bylaws, our typical monthly meetings are not officially business meetings - they can be structured in any way you desire. For example, it has been suggested that the announcement portion be shorter and the program portion be longer and that the program portion come before the announcements. The February meeting, for example, will be all social. We will vary the structure of our meetings during the coming year and look forward to your feedback and further suggestions.
News, Notes & Events
SLOBC Board of Directors 2016
Back Row: Bill Martin, Treasurer; Larry Rutter, Membership Coordinator;
Ken Price, Safety Director; Barry Rands, Program Coordinator; 
Will Benedict, President; Harvey Cohon, Historian; 
Front Row: Gary Havas, Secretary; Susan McTaggart, Newsletter Editor; 
Dave Albrecht, Vice President. Not pictured is Dale Sutliff, Advocate.
New Year's Day Ride 2016
Some of the many cyclists who enjoyed a beautiful New Year's Day ride from Shamel Park to Ragged Point.  What a perfect way to start the year!
7th Annual Tortoise New Year's Day Ride and Pot Luck
By Stu Goldenberg

Pictured are 18 of the 20 Tortoises that rode the Annual New Year's Day Ride.  Following a pleasant ride around San Luis Obispo, the group gathered for a potluck lunch which included other Tortoises that didn't ride, and non-cycling spouses.  This rounded the group out to 38 people.  There was plenty to eat with several soups, lots of salads, sandwiches, an abundance of desserts, and more.  Souvenir patches were given to those who wanted them.  
Lighthouse Jersey Designs
By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator

This is the first a call for 2016 Lighthouse jersey design ideas. All concepts must be completed and received by April 1st.

Ideas must be presented in the standard jersey format. For format specifications and assistance in illustrating your idea or putting your idea into the standard format, email me at
Chili Cook-Off

Tantalize your taste buds! Please join us for the first annual SLOBC Chili Cook-Off. The club and our cooks are providing everything for a great evening, except beer and wine.  You are welcome to byob. So mark your calendar, grab a friend and come and enjoy the food and fun.

Date: Friday, February 5, 2016
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Ludwick Center, San Luis Obispo
Octagon Barn Center Donation Update
The SLOBC is now a major partner in the development of the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County's Octagon Barn Center. The club made a direct donation of $30,000 toward the Bob Jones Trailhead / Cycling Center element and has committed $10,000 to match individual donations from club members.

Members have donated $8,065 to date so we are less than $2,000 shy of our $10,000 goal that will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the club. If 78 club members (and friends) donate $25 each, we will meet our goal!

How to Donate
  • Download the Matching Gift Challenge form. Print and complete the form and include it with your check.
  • Go to www.lcslo.org. Click on the "Ways to Give" button and then the "Donate Now" link. Make sure the words, "in honor of SLOBC" are entered in the Honor/Memory section to ensure the SLOBC matches your gift.

Thank you for considering a donation to this exciting community project that will benefit cycling in our region. If you need more information or have questions, feel free to contact SLOBC Vice-President Dave Abrecht at daveabrecht@me.com or at (805) 801-9211.

Volunteer of the Month
By Pam Ziron
Our volunteer of the month is Ken Price. Ken is well known to many of us as the Safety Coordinator of the Club. He has done an outstanding job keeping us up to date on the latest road conditions and construction on our usual routes.

Ken was nominated by Harvey Cohon who said, "Ken Price gets many awards from us for the ease of getting things done with the safety and clean up of the roads." Indeed he does.

In addition, Ken has been a volunteer the Lighthouse ride where he captained the "turnaround point" aka Cappuccino Cove and now the Cypress tree.  He joined the club in 2005, having moved from Redondo Beach after retiring from his Air Traffic Controller job. Ken is a natural for his job as safety coordinator because in his controller job, he had to be extremely aware of all aspects concerning safety of people.

Recently Ken was appointed by Caren Ray to serve on the county's Bicycle Advisory Committee for the 4th district, and he has been asked to serve on the Arroyo Grande Traffic Circulation Committee as well.

I know we all appreciate Ken's diligence and emails updating us on road conditions and concerns.
Changing Weekly Rides
The Ride Calendar provides the full weekly ride schedule.
Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)
Coordinator: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903

Date: February 3
Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande
Leader: Terry Cohen
Phone: 805-747-4584

Date: February 10
Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo
Leader: Doug Seidewitz
Phone: 805-410-337-2233

Date: February 17
Start: Bob Jones Bike Trail, Ontario Road
Leader: Steve Vines
Phone: 805-202-8114

Date: February 24
Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo
Leader: Russ Robinson
Phone: 805-781-0903
Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2)
Coordinator: Frank Mullin
Phone: 805-602-2058

Date: February 3
Start: Morro Bay State Park Marina 
Destination: Cayucos Coffee Co 
Note: Tour of coastal canyons
Leader: Dave Abrecht
Phone: 805-801-9211
Email: davebrecht@me.com

Date: February 10
Start: French Park, SLO at 8:30 (70K) 
Throop Park, SLO at 9:00 (39 miles).
Destination: Cayucos Coffee with caffeine and bakery treats on Chuck
Leader: Chuck Wheeler
Email: chuck.wheeler22@gmail.com

Date: February 17
Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: Morro Bay Coffee Company 
Note: About 31 miles.
Leader: Dale Sutliff
Email: dalesutliff@me.com

Date: February 24
Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande
Destination: Trilogy, Nipomo
Note: Gil's birthday ride, 67K option, free coffee
Leader: Gil Pitt
Phone: 805-489-0138
Email: gilnsanpitt@aol.com
SLO Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)
Coordinator: June Kramer
Phone: 425-239-8692 

Date: February 3
Start: Cloisters Community Park, Morro Bay 
Destination: Harmony
Note: Phil's birthday ride; scones and drinks in Cayucos. Possible 10 a.m. start if roads are wet. 
Leaders: Phil Middleton - faster pace
Randall Husk - slower pace
Phone: 805-540-9980 (Phil)  
408-858-1880 (Randall)

Date: February 10

Start: Beach Parking, Grover Beach 
Destination: Woodstone, Avila, for coffee 
Leader: Gini Stedman
Phone: 805-473-8287

Date: February 17 
Start: Hardie Park, Cayucos
Destination: Linn's, Cambria, for coffee 
Leaders: Hans and Patricia Boerst
Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: February 24  
Start: Nipomo Regional Park, Nipomo
Destination: Willow Deli for coffee
Leader: Kari Jones
Phone: 209-598-0316
Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1)
Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg
Phone: 805-544-4720

Date: February 5
StartTidelands Park, Morro Bay
Destination: South with Norman
Leader: Norman Mayer
Phone: 805-772-3566

Date: February 12
StartMeadow Park, San Luis Obispo
Destination: McMansions, Twin Creeks
Leader: Bob Tuman
Phone: 805-545-5976

Date: February 19
StartTidelands Park, Morro Bay
Note: Crossing the Bridge, North and Jack LaLanne's mail box
Leader: Marcie Fontes
Phone: Call Stu at 805-544-4720

Date: February 26
StartThroop Park, San Luis Obispo
Note: Renovation Progress Ride around SLO
Leader: Kate Murray
Phone: 858-395-3001

Wandering With Will (9:00 AM, B3)

One Saturday Each Month

Coordinator: Will Benedict
Email: willbenedict@me.com
Phone: 805-441-4105 


Date: Saturday, February 6

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Route: Huasna Valley, SLO

Note: Lunch after for those interested

Upcoming Program
By Barry Rands, Programs Coordinator

Chili Cook-Off

Join us for an evening of food and fun.  

In response to member's suggestions, this is a social event where we can enjoy two of our favorite things: great friends and delicious food! 


Note the change in time and location. 

Date: Friday, February 5, 2016
Time: 6:00 p.m.
                 864 Santa Rosa St.
                 San Luis Obispo, CA

The Date, Time and Location of 
SLOBC meetings can be found
on our 
Events Calendar webpage. 
SLOBC Board Meeting Minutes
By Gary Havas, Secretary
The Inn at Morro Bay
60 State Park Rd, Morro Bay, CA 93442
January, 5, 2016 5:00 PM

Board members present:  Will Benedict, Dave Abrecht, Bill Martin, Larry Rutter, Ken Price, Harvey Cohon, Barry Rands, Susan McTaggart, and Gary Havas. Absent: Dale Sutliff

Guests (outgoing Board members) present: Craig Armstrong, Martin Howell. Absent: Kathleen McHugh, Samantha Pruitt, Mike Balster.

Three and a half pages of scribbles are reduced to this:

Minutes of the December Board meeting were approved. Larry and Martin.  Pretty sure this works with Martin outgoing.  All favored this motion.

Bill Martin offered the Treasurer's Report. Among other things, the SLOBC finished 2015 with a $28K surplus.  This will be directed to the Capital Projects Fund. Current Octagon Barn matching donation amount is about $7K.  Still need the balance of $3K.  Will Benedict had some questions about disparity of century ride patches costs between the LH and WF rides.  Bill thought it a simple error and will report. Discussion ensued about a proposal by Gail Davis that some monies from the Sunshine Fund be directed to the Nature Conservancy of Morro Bay as tribute to Bruce Collier's service in the Club. In light of the bike rack proposed for Avila Beach, clarity will be sought from Gail and Myla, Bruce's widow, before action is taken.

Dave Abrecht offered news of the February SLOBC's Chili Cook-off Friday, February 5, 2016, 6:00 pm at the Ludwick Community Center, 864 Santa Rosa St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. More teams are needed, prizes will be awarded, SLOBC will provide appetizers and soft drinks. Members may bring fermented beverages. He thanks his impromptu team for all of their hard work.

Conflict of Interest forms were signed and returned to Will by members present. Will thanked Craig for offering to do the Club's final financial review.  Will passed out a summary of recent survey results gathering club member input on meeting and ride improvements. Ken Price suggested that surveys might keep members more connected to the club overall. 

Will introduced new members to the current concept of freedom of thought and expression at Board meetings, and encouraged members to express themselves honestly, come to consensus, and form a unified Board to the membership. Other current policies and themes were reviewed with limited discussion.

Belatedly, a roundtable of introductions was made.  Good idea, well received.  It's the little things.

Easy, unstructured discussion ensued over the possibilities for new, and enticing programs for meetings.  Barry Rands got several ideas to add to his own.  He is welcomed as a vital part of the Board.  A theme developed that meetings might distance business from social, with more emphasis on social.  General joviality ensued, signaling the end of this meeting.  Questions?

The meeting was adjourned at 6:53:34 PM. How 'bout that?
SLOBC General Meeting Minutes
By Gary Havas, Secretary
San Luis Obispo Library Community Room
995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA.
Thursday January 7, 2016 7:15 PM

President Will Benedict called the meeting to order at 7:17 pm.

President Will Benedict thanked Susan McTaggart for serving as greeter, and Kathy Cohon for obtaining and  providing refreshments.

The minutes of the December 3, 2016 General Meeting were approved. Dave Abrecht/Ken Price

Kathleen McHugh reminded members to submit nominations for Volunteer of the Month.

Debbie Abrecht offered another reminder that the February General Meeting will be a chili cook off at the Ludwick Community Center.  The event needs support at the outset and cleanup assistance subsequent to the meeting (and eating). Please contact Debbie. She also pointed out that members may bring their own alcohol to this event.  An email was posted to the general membership with specifics.

Bill Martin offered the Treasurer's Report, noting that the $30,000 promised to the Land Conservancy for the Octagon Barn project has been delivered.  The Richard Fox Fund will be completely drawn down for the Avila Bike Park project in Avila Beach.

Ken Price offered his safety report and that he will provide articles for the SLO Coaster. He plans to publish a list of municipal contact names for roadway issue reporting.

President Will Benedict completed his President's Awards presentation from last December honoring Dave Abrecht for advocacy and Vickie Backman for century ride pre-registration.

President Will Benedict and the new and returning Board members present offered greetings and brief remarks to introduce themselves to the membership. Farewells were offered to Martin Howell, Kathleen McHugh, Mike Balster, and to Samantha Pruitt and Craig Armstrong who were not present.

The meeting enjoyed a snack break from 7:50 to 8:01 pm.

Upon resumption, the evening's program of a membership survey began with small group formation and distribution of survey cards soliciting ideas for general meeting improvements, specific meeting program topics, and Special Ride attractiveness enhancements.  This Secretary's observation was that membership present wished to see a variety of offerings for rides, and at club meetings with more programs and less business. Results of the survey will be tallied by the Board and shared with the membership.  The Board will seek to support members who feel inspired by the results and who are willing to move ideas forward.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:37 PM.
The new board in a lighter moment.

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